Monday, January 28th, 2019

Nick comes home – there’s some things that need to be said. Phyllis hoped he’d come to her in the guest bedroom. Nick gives her the cold shoulder – he’s learned a lot in the last few days. Four women he thought he knew so well have lied to him; he’s made decisions in the dark and can’t help but think ‘what if’ (they had confided in him) But, he also – what if his Mom and sister didn’t have the fierce Phyllis to lead the charge. They could be in prison if it weren’t for Phyllis – he’s grateful and has no regrets.

Nick and Phyllis are making out on the couch when Summer interrupts them to announce that she’s moving in. Huh? Why not your condo? Summer sublet it. This is cool, right? You’re thrilled. Uh huh, Nick and Phyllis nod.

Jack just can’t get over the fact that Kerry might want to have a baby some day. Maybe you’re with the wrong guy, he hates to say it.

Katie, Victor and Vikki call up to her. Where is she? both head up – where are you? Again in the hallway, Katie says goodbye to her special friend – shhh. I won’t tell.

As Abby flips through magazines, Mia’s distracted by thoughts of cutting off Abby’s hair. Thanks for the sweet gesture – take care. Now alone, Mia’s left looking at her scissors.

Next: Vikki opens up to Victor… Summer reconnects with Fen .. Jack and Kerry come to a decision about their relationship.

My Thoughts: I guess Jack’s forgotten all about the Abbott Winters Foundation. Remember? That place he and Neil started to help addicts; give them a second chance. He doesn’t even know that methadone isn’t doled out in a syringe and certainly not handed out to addicts to carry around in their purses. He needs to get over himself. Kerry should have walked the second she found out he went into her purse. Leave him with that lip-biting, squinty grimace. See where he finds another woman half his age who’ll pretend he’s Studly McStudface … So Nick bought a million dollar mansion that doesn’t have an alarm system or a front door that locks apparently … Why couldn’t Abby just say ‘No thanks. I don’t want my hair cut’? Why would she even humour Mia by sitting down and putting the protective cape on like she’s at Supercuts instead of a woman with half a billion in the bank, an executive job and a trust fund from both the Newman and Abbott families.