Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

At CL’s, Kyle cracks jokes until he finally manages to get Lola’s attention. She’s been so busy prepping her menu etc. that she couldn’t even attend her brother’s engagement party. The restaurant is set to open in three weeks. Kyle tries to convince Lola to delegate and go out for dinner with him.

Also at CL’s, Fen and Anna are working on song lyrics (which she’s much better at) All eyes focus on the door when Summer arrives; Anna and Lola following Fen and Kyle’s gaze.

Of course Katie can go upstairs and play with her special friend. Vikki’s glad to see Victor so happy – because he won’t be after what she has to say.

Thanks for seeing me – Kerry’s at the Abbott mansion to tell an unfriendly Jack that she can’t walk away from the possibility of having a baby – but doesn’t want to walk away from him either.

Vikki confesses that she dove right into her new role – diving into a PR offensive and losing it during a phone interview when asked about JT. I showed NE as weak and pathetic. Victor’s full of encouragement; look them in the eye and fight back.

You look amazing, Fen stands to greet Summer. You sound amazing, she replies. Lola wonders why Kyle didn’t mention his ex being back. She’ll be back in Dubai before you know it (but his expression doesn’t match his fake nonchalance) Feet away, Fen finally remembers to introduce Anna (we did a Christmas pageant together, she recalls – and then cuts Fen off before he blabs that she wrote the song) As Summer decides they should go out to celebrate Fen’s success, Kyle again asks Lola out to dinner.

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Victor’s supportive but gently scolds Vikki for not coming to him about JT. I’m your Dad, he reminds.

Jack doesn’t want to end this either. Then don’t, Kerry pleads – she’s just giving herself an option. A life-changing option, Jack adds. Don’t take this the wrong way, but Kerry didn’t assume she’d be raising a child with Jack. This is about her future, not his.

You and I are gonna party like rock stars, Summer focusses all her attention on Fen. Anna puts a damper on the ‘kids’ plans – Fen must focus on writing this song – today. He thinks a night off might help the creative process. He must experience things to write about. Summer promises an evening memorable enough to inspire three albums. Fen will have a car pick Summer up at 7. After she leaves, Anna reminds Fen that he’s a waiter. That’s what credit cards are for. On her way out, Summer stops by Lola and Kyle’s table to pat herself on the back for respecting boundaries and ‘adulting’. Kyle’s left to explain that he declined Summer’s dinner invitation. Lola thinks it only fair that she go out for dinner with him – but can only spare and hour and a half.