Monday, January 28th, 2019

Abby’s brought flowers as an apology to Mia for Arturo stealing the spotlight by proposing to her. She understands why that would upset Mia. What makes you think I was upset? You did – when drunk at dinner the other night. Abby’s there to make amends and start fresh. Whaddaya say about that?

Whatever’s in the syringe isn’t medicine but was prescribed by a doctor and that’s all Kerry will tell Jack about her personal business. She’s not diabetic; it’s not Insulin. Jack’s concerned – you weren’t in traffic court, you were at a doctor’s appointment. Yes, Kerry admits. No! It’s no methadone; she’s not in recovery. Kerry’s been giving herself hormone injections because she plans to freeze her eggs.

Victor’s so proud of Vikki’s brilliant performance in his absence that he wants to reward her with a vacation (which she declines) Victor then asks Vikki to take over his role overseas (since he’s on house arrest) to let everyone now that NE is under top leadership. Vikki initially declines the role but is persuaded because it’s temporary and her parents will watch the kids.

Stifling a yawn, Summer denies she has jetlag – she’ll just stop at CL’s for an espresso before they go to dinner. About that – Kyle doesn’t think it an idea (then jokes when she doesn’t try to talk him into it) The new Summer respects boundaries – is a hug OK? Yes – Kyle’s left affected.

Over tea (which seems to be heavily spiked) Mia admits that Arturo hijacking her wedding bothered her but it’s not Abby’s fault. Rey considers other people’s feelings (unlike his impulsive brother) He seems like a wonderful and patient guy, Abby smiles. He’d have to be, Mia quips. Abby then defends her fiance – Arturo’s never really been in love. Yes, that IS what he told her. Mia again apologises for her comments at the dinner party; she shouldn’t have insulted Abby’s fashion sense. You didn’t say anything about that. Oh? I didn’t? Abby owes Mia an apology too – she’s spent so much time feeling threatened by Mia’s history with Arturo (who’s obviously put the past behind him) Both sip.

Nick and Sharon continue their solemn talk. We both kept secrets and couldn’t trust and be honest with each other. Nick goes back to finding Sharon’s ring – sending him a message. No, it’s not her fault that he slept with Phyllis – but things would be different if she hadn’t. You think we’d still be together? Sharon’s surprised. Don’t you? Nick clearly does.

Jack wants to discuss what Kerry just told him. She doesn’t. She’s merely allowing herself the possibility of having a child – she started the process before dating Jack. She wants to enjoy her time with Jack, not worry about what might happen years from now. Kerry wants the option of a child; not a child. Jack confides that he froze his sperm after a cancer scare. He thought he might have another child someday. But this is a lot to think about (she doesn’t see the issue)

Sharon won’t let Nick off the hook – knowing eventually he would have ended up in Phyllis’ bed. Obviously, you had unresolved feelings for her; she’s living with you and helping raise Christian. Sharon came to terms with her decision a long time ago – she won’t second guess it or wallow. If Nick has regrets he should discuss them with Phyllis (unless she’s one of those regrets)

Summer visits Victor at the ranch. Welcome home, Vikki gives her a hug. Both are proud of Summer (who asks why the police haven’t caught whoever ran over Grandma) She’ll be so happy you’re here, Victor hugs her. He then has an idea – Summer can help Vikki fill in for him; so she won’t be so overwhelmed. Vikki does not look enthused.

Mia brings out a stack of bridal magazines – of course she’ll do Abby’s make up for free. Thanks but Abby has a stylist. Yes, Lola did look great the other night. Mia insists Abby sit down at her desk – let me work my magic on you. Yeah, that will be so much fun, Abby forces a smile as they debate how she should wear her hair. Let me give you a trim, Mia goes to work with scissors.

Victor gives Summer the choice between working in Dubai or coming home (which of course she chooses) Victor’s thrilled; we’ll all work together on restoring the Newman reputation – Vikki is not.