Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

While Victor’s reassuring Vikki that he’ll beat up anyone who hurts her, Katie’s upstairs playing hide and seek with her imaginary friend. Ready or not, here I come, she chirps as a shadow runs off.

Rough day at the office? Devon asks when Anna comes home clearly angry. She wastes no time griping about Fen being distracted by Troublemaker Barbie; he thinks he’s Drake. Devon trusts Anna’s instincts and will drop Fen from the label – just say the word.

Kerry doesn’t want Jack getting ahead of himself – if she has a child, it’ll be HER decision. Don’t complicate things over something that might never happen (or could happen in the future) Our lives could go in a lot of directions; heading international division at Jabot – running a B&B in Tuscan – jet setting around the world; just you and me – or with a kid in tow. Jack raves about parenthood. Near tears, Kerry doesn’t want to lose the happiness she’s found with Jack. You might want a child in a few years. He can’t promise that. I see, Kerry leaves him to mope.

Victor makes Vikki promise to confide in him when something bothers her. He’s been hard on his firstborn and namesake because he wants to make her tough. He’s proud of the woman Vikki’s become. She credits her Father’s lessons with her being the person she is – you’ll never know how much you’ve done for me ~sniffle~

At the club, Kyle leads Lola to a table with a bottle of bubbly on ice (since she’s on limited time) This is thoughtful and romantic, Lola struggles to focus on the date. As she and Kyle kiss, Fen and Summer loudly take a seat at the bar. No, Lola doesn’t want to leave.

Back at the penthouse, Anna wants to give Fen a bit more time and effort. Devon thinks her more talented than Fen; you could sing and record your own music.

At the bar, Fen never thought this day would come – him and Summer out on an actual date. You’ve gone from a gross loner to hot pop star, she couldn’t imagine it either. Not wanting to rehash the past, Summer takes a shot and gives Fen a kiss. Lola and Kyle look over – looks like they’re skipping dinner and having each other for dessert, she comments. Kyle looks jealous.

An emotional Kerry sits outside Phyllis’ office – then is surprised when Jack gets off the elevator (looking equally emotional)

Victor coaches Vikki on how to handle future interviews. Thanks for being my rock, she gives him a kiss then goes to find Katie (who’s likely playing with her special friend)