Wednesday, January 30th

At Jabot, Lauren scolds Kyle for making a personal call on company time. It was work related, a smooth Kyle’s then told to focus on today’s photo shoot. He’s got this very important project under control. Told that hot models have been booked, Lauren expects Kyle to come through on this. After she clip-clops off, Kyle gets a text saying the models he booked are stuck in NY due to bad weather.

Reading an article about Victor online, Nikki ignores Katie asking if she wants to meet her new friend. Flashing back to murdering and burying JT, she yelps ‘stop!’ Grandma, are you OK? Katie turns to ask.

Both heading off to work, Phyllis tells Nick that Jabot’s spring shoot is today. Their departure is delayed due to forgotten items – and a kiss. Summer has to ask – is this thing casual or something more?

Vikki’s annoyed to find Billy in her living room – you should have called (the kids aren’t here and she doesn’t want to talk)

Nikki claims that she was shouting at her tablet. Yes, like Johhny does at his games. The hidden camera follows as she takes Katie off to the stables to visit the horses.

In Phyllis’ office, Kyle calls Celine – I have a big problem. Lauren appears again. She knows they have no models and wonders what the plan is. Kyle will work his butt off. In the elevator, he makes a call asking for all the modelling agencies within a hundred miles.

Summer grills her parents then claims to be more worried about her grandfather. If Victor didn’t kill JT, any ideas who did?

Billy’s sorry. Yes, he was a jerk – Vikki is not his second choice behind Phyllis and tattling to Lily was a kneejerk reaction to her kissing Cane. No, he doesn’t think Vikki a cold-hearted bitch – but you think it’s true.