Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

It’s like two tongues in a train wreck, Lola comments as she watches Fen and Summer maul one another at the bar. Drunk octopusses wrestling, Kyle adds. They then focus on one another (though Lola continues to think business) Warned not to miss out on great moments, Lola orders a Mojito. At the bar, Summer agrees to go upstairs with Fen – but let’s go say goodnight to that sad old couple over there. Hand in hand, they stroll over – did you enjoy your early bird special? Summer then announces that she’s staying in GC for good.

Devon continues to encourage Anna to start singing again. No, he’s not biased. Sorry for eavesdropping but Anna’s song really affected him. Let me record you. Anna’s touched by Devon’s confidence in her but doesn’t want to share that song. No one can hear it, she huffs off.

Leaving Kyle and Lola behind, Summer’s changed her mind on going upstairs with Fen. When she fakes a laugh for Kyle’s benefit, Fen knows exactly what she’s up to. You’re the same girl I wanted in high school but I’m not the same guy. Where are you going? Home – get back to me when you stop playing games, Fen leaves Summer to sulk.

Lola and Kyle joke about her throwing Summer out of her restaurant. Kyle loves listening to Lola ramble on about her hopes and dreams. What did I do to deserve you? Lola gives him a kiss. We blew past our deadline – 115 minutes, Kyle looks at his watch. I’m off the clock tonight, Lola gives him another kiss.

In Phyllis’ office, neither Jack or Kerry liked the way they left things. Neither can walk away. Jack’s thinking – maybe we should live in the now – see where this takes us. Kerry agrees; let’s go back to the way things were before this egg business ~kiss~

Katie – time to go home. Victor and Vikki find her back downstairs; where were you? Who were you talking to? Somewhere, someone is watching everything on camera.

Next: Nikki makes a dangerous mistake…. Lauren tests Kyle … Nick has trouble keeping his cool.

My Thoughts: How is Vikki supposed to look someone in the eye and fight back – on a telephone interview. And how does her ‘losing it’ make NE appear weak and pathetic? If anything, it makes HER appear unhinged and unstable. Isn’t losing it a form of fighting back? Didn’t Victor ‘lose it’ when threatening JT on live TV? … Ha Ha – Devon really thinks Drake has good dance moves? Mmm, OK. https://youtu.be/xOqkM19YATA …. Jack talks about Fatherhood like he actually raised a child. Does Kerry even know that he has a son who’s closer to her age? … Oh Kyle – it’s octopi, not octopuses …