Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Back at Jabot, Billy agrees that this is a place of business. He knows Phyllis doesn’t want to hear about Vikki any more than he wants to hear about Nick. She wants to get back to work – can we do this presentation without ripping into each other?

After a ‘breather’, Arturo rejoins Mia at her table. What now? she asks him to believe her. Arturo wants the four of them to get along but isn’t sure they can. Mia needs to know that they’re OK. She wants to believe that Arturo’s her friend. He assures they will be. Leaving to see a client, Mia pauses on the patio to watch Arturo as he answers a call.

Do people really drink sake for lunch? Lola wonders if Kyle arranged all this because Summer’s back in town. Are you trying to convince me that we’re good – or yourself that Summer doesn’t get to you??

Lola doesn’t want to be the paranoid girlfriend – but what are you thinking? Kyle just wants to do something special – it’s just take out. But yes, he’s on alert because Summer’s a wrecking ball. She wants you and can give you what I can’t, Lola assumes Kyle’s getting frustrated that they haven’t had sex yet.

Outside CL’s side door, Rey invites Arturo up for a beer.

Mia arrives at Phyllis’ office to make her look fabulous for her presentation. Mentioning the wedding, Billy warns Mia not to take things for granted with Rey; it’s the kiss of death.

Vikki rejoins her brother and Mom to update that she and her Dad weren’t able to find Katie. Nikki’s sure someone’s taken her. Nick doesn’t want to assume the worst – Faith used to hide here all the time. Vikki then calls Billy – come to the ranch; Katie’s missing. Not waiting for the elevator, Billy runs to the stairs.

Mia finishes touching up Phyllis’ make up – she loves pampering her clients; making them look her best. Something’s going on with you, Phyllis invites Mia to confide in her (we have a lot in common) I don’t judge – I can’t. It’s just relationship stuff, Mia claims she’s happy with Rey. But yes, her unhappiness is due to Arturo proposing to Abby.

Sure, Kyle’s had sex but he’s never felt this kind of love. Lola knows he must be tired of waiting. Kyle’s willing to go at Lola’s speed – I love you ~hug~ But, over her shoulder, he looks dissatisfied.

Billy joins the panic at the ranch. He can’t lose Katie like he did Delia. Vikki gives him a hug.