Friday, February 1st, 2019

Mia’s surprised to find Rey home – what’s the deal? With a kiss, he’s taking some time off to be with his beautiful wife. Mia plays along – we are newlyweds.

Katie? Talk to us. I’m here Mommy. Do you know how to get out? Victor asks as Nikki looks horrified. It’s dark in here, Katie bleats as Billy starts prying wood paneling off the wall.

Naked under a blanket on the couch, Mia’s glad Rey forgave her for what she did. He thought he’d lost Mia – if there’s ever a problem, let’s talk about it. Mia foresees no problems. Both feel like honeymooners but Mia has somewhere to go – drinks with Abby. Maybe we’ll be friends. Rey thinks that ambitious. I gotta shower, Mia giggles as she runs off.

We’re almost done, Billy calls out as he and Nick open a panel and pull Katie out. We’d all like to hear the story, Victor asks how she got in there – what happened.

How did you get behind the wall? Vikki asks. I’ll be damned – look at that, Victor peers into the hole in his wall (as does Nick) Billy carries Katie away for a private chat.

Rey may be the detective but its Sharon who’ doing the interrogation (why did Rey leave in the middle of his shift?) She’s embarrassed to realize that he went home to have sex with his wife. Your home life is none of my business. Rey wants things to be good between Sharon and himself.

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Abby joins Mia (who’s already ordered the first round of drinks and hopes to be friends) That would be incredible. Mia toasts to finding out what makes each other click. Abby’s sorry she got the wrong idea – she only has time for one drink. That’s OK – Mia just wanted to return Abby’s kind gesture. Let’s be honest with each other.

After Victor calls security, Nikki and the kids are horrified that there’s monitors and audio surveillance equipment behind the walls. Whoever’s listening knows what I did to JT!

Abby thinks Mia should have kept her past with Arturo private. What would the Naked Heiress think? She has a lot of growing up to do. Mia admits that she announced her affair with Arturo to shake things up. It worked – Rey came home to ‘be with me’ during his shift. Abby forces a smile – I’m so glad for you. Mia worked hard to reconnect with Rey. On her wedding day, Arturo made about him and …. me? No? Then who? Abby’s annoyed.