Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Encouraged, a weepy Mia talks about what a wonderful man Rey is – she’d never want to hurt him again. But you want someone else, a sympathetic Phyllis guesses. How do you cut someone out of your heart? Mia is devastated that Abby’s marrying HER first love. She’s nothing like me and won’t make Atturo happy.

Over beers at the apartment, Rey warns Arturo that Abby comes from a different world than they do. Arturo informs that he’s signed the prenup Victor presented him. Briefly discussing Victor, Arturo’s sure he and Abby can handle it.

Nikki didn’t actually see someone – Katie might be hiding because she broke a teacup. Billy wants to call the police but is ordered not to by Victor. Vikki agrees.

Over tea, Kyle tells Lola that he’d do anything to impress Lola. She’s just happy that they had this talk. Kyle is too.

Ready to leave, Arturo thinks it crazy how far they’ve all come. When Rey pretends to throw a punch, Arturo ducks – you still got me bro.

Phyllis has advice for Mia – don’t cause trouble for Arturo and Abby. The spark of satisfaction isn’t worth it. Abby comes from two families that are used to getting what they want. Focus on the man who loves you and the business you created. You’ve earned everything you have. You could get Arturo again – but don’t. Be happy with Rey. Thank you, Mia hugs her new pal.

Aside, Vikki tries to convince Billy not to call the police. All shush each other when they hear Katie’s voice. She’s in the wall! Billy calls out to her.