Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Picking up her broken saucer, Nikki calls out for Katie then tells Victor that someone has been sneaking around the ranch. He calls security – someone has broken in; my granddaughter is missing. Find her and bring me whoever’s responsible NOW.

At CL’s, Mia chides Arturo for not saying hello. You didn’t get tipsy – you got drunk and let everyone know how you feel about Abby. You’re happy with Rey – let me be happy too. Mia has things to say – don’t go.

Lola’s at the Abbott mansion. Asking her to close her eyes, Kyle puts music on – open them. Surprise – the coffee table is set for lunch.

In Phyllis’ office, Billy’s told that Summer’s back (on ‘Lurch’s orders) Make trouble for her and I’ll burn you to the ground, Phyllis warns. Business talk leads to Billy whining about Vikki shutting him out. Leave her alone, is Phyllis’ advice.

** My apologies for the delay this week. Things should be back in schedule shortly.

Seated at a booth, Mia admits that she’s jealous of Arturo’s proposal and the ring he bought Abby. She likes to be the center of attention and is disappointed that he wouldn’t commit to her. But, she’ll behave herself and be a family. Arturo’s not buying it.

Phyllis is annoyed that Billy doesn’t treat her as the CEO of Jabot. Here, I’m not your buddy, your ex or your therapist – remember that. I’m your boss.

Upstairs, Victor orders his guy to search the place again. He then rejoins Nikki (who hasn’t found Katie in all the likely spots) Vikki arrives – what are you not telling me? Nikki fears someone’s been in the house. Has Katie been kidnapped!? Understandably alarmed and told that the police haven’t been called, Vikki goes in search of her daughter.

Thank God you’re here! Nikki updates Nick – his sister and Father are searching for Katie. What if she was kidnapped while I was asleep? she frets. Sitting down to look at video surveillance, Nick reassures his Mom – Katie’s here somewhere.