Friday, February 1st, 2019

Katie in the kitchen with staff, Billy updates the family that she’s fine – it was fun visiting her friend inside the wall. It’s been going on for a week. She drew a picture (which alarms Vikki)

The drawing doesn’t exactly help (a man in a cape) All brainstorm – its someone out for revenge; who’s been living at the ranch and knows it well – streetsmart, technical abilities. Victor can think of only one man who checks all those boxes.

Sharon’s affected by an interview with a mugging victim. As for Rey’s question – we’re good. She’s happy for him and Mia and is glad nothing happened between them. Rey is too – their friendship is extremely important to him. Turning her back, Sharon’s clearly beyond friendship.

Mia knows Arturo loves Abby but …. He has no ulterior motive and is no longer competing with his brother, Abby claims. Mia wants to hear all about her new friend’s wedding plans.

Still seated at the club, Mia knows Abby’s wedding will be amazing; the Newman’s are royalty. She even read all about Nikki’s wedding dress when she first married Victor. This isn’t my first marriage, Abby reminds. Mia doesn’t that as reason to scale back. Abby jokes about an over-the-top wedding fantasy (including Arturo holding a crystal slipper) Mia wants Abby to use her imagination – don’t settle.

Sharon’s leaving soon but Rey’s staying to go over Chris’ case on Victor. As he walks off, Sharon eyes the folder Rey left on his desk.

Victor and Nick suggest that JT’s alive. Billy doubts that – he’s dead. He was a security expert who knows the layout of the ranch, Victor adds. Nikki admits it’s possible that Katie tipped the teacup over. She and Nikki agree it might be JT (whose body was never found) After Vikki and Billy leave, Nick asks Nikki if she really believes that JT’s alive.

Rey’s about to leave the station when Sharon asks him about the case against Victor. Chris is worried how it’ll play out in court. Sharon can’t bring herself to believe that Victor’s guilty of murder. Leaving, she pauses to give him a weird look.