Friday, February 1st, 2019

Yes, Nikki’s thought about JT surviving that night. Maybe you didn’t kill him – did he have a pulse? Nick asks. Victor nods as Nick decides that they need to find JT and show the cops that there was no murder.

Back at Vikki’s, both she and Billy are glad Katie’s so resilient (now in bed after a grilled cheese) She appreciates Billy being there for her and their daughter.

Katie’s disappearance has put things in perspective for Billy. He agrees and hopes he and Vikki can be friends. We are, she smiles.

Still at the club, Abby notes that Mia has a lot of observation about Arturo. Maybe it kills you that he didn’t want to settle down with you but is ready to marry me. I have way more to offer than you did. Not letting Arturo go might be seen as disrespectful to Rey. Or – someone might think you insecure. Abby’s no spoiled little princess. My Father told me to fight for what I want. Petty jealousy won’t come between me and Arturo. I’m so glad w had this little talk, Abby leaves Mia to sulk.

Sharon’s tracked Nick down at Dark Horse; she didn’t want to call or text (or leave any kind of trail) She heard something important at the station. According to Rey, Chris isn’t confident she can get a jury to convict Victor. Nick appreciates the good news. Sharon’s loyalties mean more to her than her job.

Victor wishes that SOB would come back to town. Once JT’s behind bars they can get back to their lives. He’s arrogant – he’ll come back to the scene of the crime. Nikki just can’t feel safe (even in Victor’s arms)