Monday, February 4th, 2019

Phyllis is on the phone with Kyle – congratulating him on his fantastic job modeling. Summer then arrives at her Mom’s office to say that after the fiasco with Billy she realizes that Kyle’s the man for her. Unfortunately, by the time she figured that out, he found Lola.

Mariah joins Kyle on the CL’s patio – working hard or hardly working? He closes his laptop to ask what’s new in her world. Tessa has an interview at an up and coming restaurant. She’s a shoo-in, Kyle’s sure – then grumbles about how busy Lola is. You guys both have demanding careers – make your time together count, Mariah wonders Why Kyle is so glum. He feels he’s losing his connection with Lola. Mariah wonders if that has anything to do with Summer coming back to town.

Nick’s summoned Mike to his place to tell him about finding surveillance equipment behind the walls at the ranch. Katie has a special friend who’s only described as a man dressed in black (who he believes to be JT)

Mariah doubts Summer truly respects Kyle’s boundaries. Hearing that he saw her and Fen ‘eating each others faces’ the other night at the club, Mariah hopes he did what people in committed relations do and ignored her – right? Right??

Back in her Mom’s office, Summer reports feeling lonely; Kyle won’t spend time with her. Phyllis wants to hang out with her daughter. You can forgive me for being with Billy? Summer’s skeptical (and knows she was a selfish brat)

At the club to conduct interviews, Abby and Lola have a display board and a rack of uniforms for the restaurant’s wait staff. Both are excited and toast to their pending success.

Summer doesn’t see how her Mom can just let it go (that she slept with Billy) Things have worked out for the best. I’m happy with your Dad and my love for you is unbreakable. Life is good. Phyllis is managing to work with Billy – life moves on. There is one thing that would make her happier; having Summer back in her life. How about mani-pedis and a movie night?