Monday, February 4th, 2019

On the patio, Mariah relays a text from Tessa (who’s with a half a million other candidates vying for jobs at the new restaurant) You’ve got this, Mariah texts back – then goes back to scolding Kyle for being distracted by Summer. Lola must notice that you can’t take your eyes off her. She IS a threat (especially since you haven’t …) Wait – please tell me you haven’t told Summer that Lola’s a virgin! Of course not; Kyle’s disconnect is emotional, not physical. He’s fine without sex – couldn’t be better, he lies.

Wearing latex gloves, Mike and Nick go over the surveillance equipment. Yes, Phyllis knows and now believes it possible that Victor’s being framed (likely by JT, Nick lists reasons why – and he certainly wouldn’t be the first to fake his own death) Mike will take this stuff to a lab. Even without it, he’s confident he can get the charges against Victor dropped. Nick also wants to put a stop to whoever’s been spying in his family.

Mariah didn’t mean to imply that Kyle’s all about sex – but she knows how close he and Summer were. She’ll use that closeness against you, she warns – you can’t be buds. Kyle doesn’t need Summer in his life, he loves Lola and won’t blow it. Glad to hear it, Mariah will come knock sense into him if he’s ever tempted. Yes, she and Tessa are in a good place – fingers crossed she’ll get a job at the new restaurant.

Tessa joins Abby and Lola for her interview at the club to rave over the rack of clothes (which are ‘familiar, flirty and fresh’) How does Tessa see herself fitting into the team? What does she like about being a waitress? The customers, Tessa impresses (and is impressed by their labour of love) She’d be honoured to help make their dreams come true. Exactly what we’re looking for – but Abby wonders why Tessa left CL’s.

Tessa’s now back at CL’s with Mariah. The interview went well until they asked why she left her job there. She said she left to pursue other opportunities (as opposed to being fired for blackmailing the owner) and doubts Sharon will give her a good reference – my past will always come back to haunt me. Optimistic, Mariah gives Tessa a kiss then runs off to see a fairy godmother.

On the patio, Summer looks at photos of Fen on Kyle’s laptop (from the shoot) He looks amazing, she jokes that perhaps HE’s the one Kyle couldn’t keep his eyes off the other night (not her) Poor Lola; always the last to know. It’s work, Kyle explains. Summer takes the laptop to admire photos of Kyle and carries on about the rules they’re breaking by sitting at the same table. We’ll always be friends, Kyle assures. He cares about her as much as any of his old friends. I’m with Lola, he reiterates. Summer continues to scroll through photos of Fen – he’s a risk taker like she is (and Kyle isn’t) When she’s wowed by another photo, Kyle assumes it’s of Fen (unaware that Summer’s drooling over a photo of HIM)