Monday, February 4th, 2019

Maria takes a seat with Abby and Lola to explain that Sharon fired Tessa because she doesn’t want them to be together. She then lists reasons why Tessa’d be an asset to the restaurant. Both like Tessa – she has a job if she wants it. After Mariah sputters her thanks and leaves, Abby asks Lola about her relationship with Kyle. He’s patient but we miss spending time together. Abby worries it might be a problem when Lola’s busy at the restaurant every night. Speaking of problems, Summer’s back in town, Lola informs.

Summer rejoins Kyle on the patio after calling Fen (who wants the photos emailed to him) They’re not for distribution and Kyle doesn’t take orders from Fen. OK, Summer wants the photos (but only of Fen; Lola wouldn’t like her having half nude photos of Kyle) Lola has nothing to worry about, Kyle insists – then fumes when Summer takes his phone and sees that there are no texts between him and Lola since they ran into each other at the club. Trouble in paradise? Did you lovers have a spat over little old me? she taunts.

At home, Nick explains that he couldn’t exactly tell Mike why Phyllis is so sure JT’s dead. And when Mike calls, Nick hopes he has good news.

Mariah’s back at CL’s to announce that Tessa’s got the job. Oh my god!! Tessa does her happy dance. Best day ever! Thank you! they hug and kiss.

Still at the club, Abby will NOT tell Lola not to worry about Summer; she’s relentless. Lola complains that she’s lurking in the back of both her and Kyle’s minds. Abby likens Summer to Mia. We have two options – let them take control or put out the fire.

Back on the patio, Summer doesn’t buy that Lola’s busy with the restaurant opening – she can tell that something has Kyle wound up. I’m the only one who’ll understand. OK – you know where to find me when you’re ready to share, she exits.

Hanging up, Nick updates Phyllis with Mike’s news – the lab couldn’t get any DNA off the surveillance equipment. How can we prove someone’s taunting us? Nick doesn’t know who it is – but when he finds out, he’s going down, he vows.

Next: Sharon is forced to choose sides …. Devon pushes Anna into the spotlight.

It is with a heavy heart that I conclude today’s spoiler with very sad news; Kristoff St John, who has played Neil Winters since 1991, a role that earned him 9 Daytime Emmy Award nominations was found dead in his home yesterday. My condolences to his family, friends and co-workers. RIP Kristoff, you will be missed.