Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

As the old friends bicker about old times, Summer’s surprised that Kyle didn’t tell Lola about his modeling shoot. She thinks it is a big deal – congrats. It’ll be a big hit, she’s sure.

Anna gives Devon a few encouraging words before he takes to the mic to welcome all and announce that his newest artist will be performing – enjoy the drinks, food and party. As all applaud, Anna texts Fen – tell me you’re on your way. Fen tells Anna to relax – there’s plenty of time – but doesn’t want to leave Summer (who doesn’t want to leave Kyle and Lola) Aside, Tessa admits she’s a bit envious of Fen but is glad to be with Mariah – her everything. They rejoin the table as Summer leans on Kyle to show Lola the photos. That concludes our narcissistic portion of the evening – surely there’s something else we can talk about, Kyle gripes. Cookies? Mariah breaks the awkward silence.

Nick tells Sharon that Katie’s been hanging out with the intruder who was spying on them. JT had the skills to pull it off – Mike found no DNA; this guy’s meticulous. Sharon worries what Chris will do with this tape. Nick’s just glad it sounds like he’s covering for his Dad (not his Mom) No, Rey hasn’t heard the tape. Would you consider deleting it? Nick asks.

Nick realizes that it was unfair of him to ask Sharon to delete the tip. She can’t – the police WILL find out about this. Nick tells Sharon to do what she needs to do – we’ll figure it out from there.

Distracted, Lola suddenly realizes that she’s too tired to go to a movie tonight. Bye. Kyle follows her to the door – are you upset about the photoshoot? No – but Lola felt out of the loop. As gang watches, Kyle and Lola argue loudly. Out comes the dirty laundry – he IS disappointed that they aren’t having sex. It’s a big part of an adult relationship. Kyle’s professed his love to Lola in every way he can think of; trying to be sensitive. It seems like you still don’t trust me. Realizing that everyone’s listening, a mortified Lola leaves in tears.

Where the hells is Fen? Devon’s pissed – it’s disrespectful considering all the money and energy we put into this. Anna’s sure Fen’s on his way. He better be. Devon leaves Fen a message – you better get here right now!