Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Fen ignores his phone to chuckle about Kyle and Lola not having sex. No, Kyle doesn’t think he should have gone after Lola. Mariah and Tessa continue to offer encouragement. Summer’s really sorry. Fen’s still fixated on the sex part. We gotta go! he jumps up. Summer’s going to stay – Kyle’s upset. Mariah didn’t expect this to be the foursome she’d be with tonight.

Back at the station, Rey’s frustrated that he hasn’t found anything to help Chris evidence to prove her case against Victor. He worries he’ll be the fall guy. Sharon thinks that’s unfair. Rey notes that her sympathy is sincere; despite her kid’s grandfather being the prime suspect. In Miami, he had friends who were criminals and had to remind himself that his loyalty is to the justice system. You have to have integrity to do this kind of work. Sharon knows Rey to be a good man. Getting back to her emails, she looks conflicted.

After Devon heads off preparing to announce that his artist won’t be performing tonight, Neil convinces Anna to save the evening by singing. She whispers in his ear and Devon introduces his surprise performer. He and the crowd then watch her belt out a tune.

Kyle insists Mariah and Tessa go to movie as planned. He’s about to leave too when Summer apologizes – she can see how hurt they both are and understands why Kyle didn’t confide in her. Summer says a relationship should meet the needs of both people. You and Lola are different. She might be a great girl but she’s not the right girl.

Fen arrives in time to watch Anna wrap up her performance. She did it for you, Neil tells Devon as all applaud.

Sharon has something for Rey to see, Carrying her laptop over, she plays him the incriminating recording of Victor and Nick. You did the right thing, Rey thanks Sharon. If this is legit, it could be exactly what the DA needs to convict Victor; the final piece to the puzzle. Sharon sits to look depressed.

In loving memory of our dear friend Kristoff St, John 1966 – 2019.