Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Mariah gently scolds Sharon for her compassion – you got sucked into this situation. Don’t wreck your life for Victor; Faith and I need you; so does Noah. Sharon then gets a text from Nick – he’s calling a family meeting at his place. He probably wants to put a stop to this as much as I do, she suspects.

Vikki arrives at Nick’s (Nikki’s not been invited; she won’t leave Victor’s side, they know) When Nick goes to answer the door, Phyllis and Vikki bicker (the former won’t feel bad for Victor after what he did to her and Jack) Abby joins the meeting to share her plan; she’ll distract the press with a ‘shiny bauble’ (if she can get Arturo onboard)

Back at the apartment, Rey’s on the phone with Chris (who plans to take the lead to send a powerful signal) Mia knows the DA has re-election on her mind. Snuggling close, the Rosales’ hope not to repeat past mistakes. Rey’s making an effort to put Mia before his work (which she appreciates) She only turned to Arturo because she didn’t think Rey cared anymore. Mia was wrong and will never hurt Rey again like that. He believes her – because if that happened, we’d be over for good.

Victor won’t let Nikki feel guilty for protecting their family. Now, it’s his turn. What’s wrong with this tie? Victor suddenly looks concerned.

Abby’s summoned Arturo to CL’s to share her plan of action. Everyone in the family is stepping up. Her personal mission is to change the narrative; to remind the public that Victor’s a loving husband, Father and grandfather (by distracting the press with their wedding plans) Arturo doesn’t seem enthused about rushing the wedding for quick headlines.

On the patio, Rey spots Abby and Arturo inside and wants to give them space. Perhaps Mia can help since she and Abby are now friends. No, we’re not – she looks down on me, Mia declines. Hoping she can do something to help, Rey gives Mia a kiss and decides to get his coffee at the station.

Abby doesn’t want to push up the wedding date, she just wants to give the press something positive to obsess over. Good, Arturo doesn’t want the wedding to be about the trial or problems with Mia (who then appears with fake concern to force a hug on Abby)

Back at Nick’s, Phyllis reminds Mariah that she and her extortionist girlfriend have a lot to lose too (which ruffles Sharon’s’ feathers) Nick adds that whoever’s framing Victor knows the whole story and could expose them all. Sharon has an idea to free Victor and protect Nikki. Vikki’s eager to hear it.

Mia returns with coffee and offers to fix Abby’s eyes (since it’s obvious she’s been crying) Abby declines and announces that she and Arturo are going to have engagement photos taken. Mia knows Arturo to be camera-shy, then recognizes the famous photographer’s name who’ll be taking the shots. Don’t be nervous, Abby reassures Arturo – just focus on me. Have a lovely day, Abby says without sincerity as she leads her fiance out.