Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Sharon points out that even if they all let this man take the fall, he could expose them at any time; even years down the road. Then, Victor’s sacrifice would be for nothing. Listing all the effort this man took to frame Victor, Phyllis doubts he’d want his hard work undone. Sharon thinks a jury would sympathize if they told the truth – Victor would go free and Nikki’s punishment would be minimal. Neither Phyllis or Nick want to risk Nikki’s health (or freedom)

Whoa – what’s with all these clothes? Abby’s had her stylist send a rack over to the house for them to choose from. There’s a bit more to her plan that she didn’t want to discuss in front of Mia. Life and Style magazine want to do an interview and photo shoot. It’ll be basic questions about how happy we are – easy peasy, Abby promises as she picks out a suit for Arturo (who’s happy to hear he’ll get to keep it)

Vikki and Nick are now at the ranch – they wanted to be there when the police escort arrives. As the ladies go to make coffee, Victor talks about Nikki’s resilience. Knowing she’s in good hands puts him at ease. Nick can tell his Dad’s worried and won’t stop until he finds out who did this. Yes, he’ll look after the family. Watch out for Abby (Victor’s instincts tell him Arturo’s not to be trusted) He feels better knowing he’s leaving the family in capable hands.

At home, Phyllis watches news coverage from the courthouse and opines that she’s not the only one who wants to see victor go down. Mia’s watching in her apartment. And all dressed up, Arturo watches with a devastated Abby. He offers to go to the courthouse with her – you won’t go through this alone ~hug~

Mike’s now at the ranch to prep the Newmans. The bright side of a police escort is that they’ll avoid the press and security. As he goes to answer the door, Victor gets a hug from Vikki (Nikki still refuses to leave his side) Hello Victor, Chris comes in to deny that she’s happy about this – she once admired him. Her only regret is that Victor didn’t serve his last sentence. Had he done so, his grandson’s Father might still be alive. As Rey puts handcuffs on Victor, Nikki speaks up – there won’t be any trial today. I have something to tell you. All look shocked.

Today’s show closes with a brief interview with an emotional Kristoff St. John, including flashbacks of his time on the Y&R. “Thank you for sharing in this adventure; this mighty ship that has sailed for so long, I love you”