Friday, February 8th, 2109

When Kyle complains about Lola’s time being monopolized by her pop up restaurant and the new one about to open, Summer defends her. What she can’t understand is the lack of sex. She can’t help wondering what’s holding Lola back. Maybe she’s not as invested in this relationship. They’re holding hands across the table when Lola arrives. Summer watches as Kyle gives her a Valentine’s invitation to the Abbott cabin.

Vikki’s now in the hot seat (Mike back in his spot) as Rey questions her. My Mom’s lying to keep my Father from being convicted for something he didn’t do. One more thing – is there a fireplace in your bedroom? Rey asks – When was the last time you used it?

Kyle assures this isn’t about sex – it’s just a few days. It’s more than that, Lola’s opening a restaurant in two weeks. You can’t or won’t make the time? Kyle asks. We want different things, Lola thinks it best they go their separate ways. Summer continues to watch as Lola leaves (pausing on the patio briefly) Not now Summer, Kyle leaves her to read the invitation left behind.

Back at the ranch with Nick and Victor, Vikki explains that she had to stick to her story because she didn’t know what Mom had said. It’ll be impossible to coordinate our stories (with Phyllis away on business and Sharon on a field trip with Faith)

Rey returns to update Nikki that he’s keeping her in custody (even though he knows she’s lying) You didn’t do it alone – and I’ll prove it, he marches back out.

My Thoughts: Why would Kyle, wet from his swim, walk all the way around to the front door? The pool is at the back of the house! It’s laughable that anyone in Wisconsin is parading around in swim trunks and a robe. A heated pool is not a hot tub. And where on earth is Dina? How ironic that she’s the one with Alzheimer’s yet it’s everyone else who’s forgotten about HER … Having worked in a kitchen for a few years (decades ago) and watching a few seasons of Hells Kitchen, it’s silly that Lola’s too busy for Kyle. The chef doesn’t need to weigh in on hiring wait staff or their uniforms. If anything, Lola should be designing the kitchen and ordering ingredients… Odd that there’s been so many articles about Victor online – yet no mention of the press pestering the Newmans. And while Mariah isn’t exactly a journalist, she does host a gossip show (occasionally) so it’s ridiculous that she’s not reporting anything… Finally, how insulting that the character of Paul isn’t even mentioned. All those years and Doug Davidson gets absolutely no good bye. Imagine the outrage had Neil Winters been discarded in this manner. People have feelings yo! Respect the vets and fans who made the show what it is.