Friday, February 8th, 2109

Joining a glum Fen at CL’s, Summer gives him a pep talk. It was just one promotional event – everyone makes mistakes. Fen sighs – he blew his big chance over a girl who’s not even interested in him. I was using you to make Kyle jealous, Summer admits. That’s OK, Fen was using Summer to mess with Kyle (and Lola) When Devon arrives (with Anna), Summer jumps up to make things right.

Handed the key to the Abbott cabin, Kyle explains why that won’t work – Lola’s a virgin. He needs to prove that he loves her heart and soul. Jack still thinks the cabin will work – cook for Lola. He’ll have a horse-drawn sleigh waiting for them. Kyle’s impressed and sending a text ‘project win back Lola’ is launched.

At home, Lola reads Kyle’s text – please meet me so we can talk. She replies immediately – CL’s in 30 minutes. We’re a go, Kyle grins at his Dad.

Devon and Anna now seated, Summer brings over coffee and insists that dropping Fen would be a big mistake – it was all my fault. He put me ahead of himself. He stayed to help me deal with a crisis. Fen doesn’t even regret what he did – that’s the kind of guy he is. Devon not immediately won over, persists – Fen put a friend ahead of himself; haven’t either of you ever done that? Can I talk to you for a minute? Anna takes Devon aside, leaving Fen to tell Summer ‘that was incredible – I hope it works’.

At the station, Rey’s on one side of the desk; Nikki and Mike on the other. Nikki was afraid to tell the truth. No regret or remorse? She feels terrible but did what she had to do. Nikki then gives a detailed description of walking in on JT abusing Vikki. He left through the window. I promised Vikki that I’d protect her. I slipped out to keep my promise. Rey assumes she tracked down JT.

Back at the ranch, the Newmans worry about what Nikki’s saying.

Nikki’s lying continues – she confronted JT at Chancellor Park. He laughed and vowed to take them out one by one. I raised the poker – he lunged – I swung and hit him in the head. I didn’t mean to hurt him. Realizing JT was dead, Nikki was scared the police wouldn’t believe her. She pushed him into a hole already dug. Wouldn’t you protect your family? she asks Rey. Stepping out with Mike, Rey makes it clear that he doesn’t believe her.

Devon and Anna have indeed reached a decision. Anna went to bat for you – and reminded how much we’ve already invested in your career. Devon will give Fen one more chance – he’ll go on the road to open for some of their established artists. After the tour, we’ll discuss where to go from there. Fen’s delighted – you won’t regret this. Don’t blow it, Anna warns before leaving with her brother. Fen’s talking about taking her out for dinner – but Summer loses interest and moves on when Kyle arrives. All but forgotten, Fen leaves without fanfare as Kyle tells Summer that he’s there to see Lola and would rather not sit and wait with Summer. On cue, Lola texts to say she’s running late.

During round two of the interrogation, Nikki believes that if Rey were a parent, he’d understand that she HAD to stop JT. Mike chimes in to say that his client’s confession was made under duress then marches out before Nikki’s lead out by Rey and Chris. You can see Nikki tomorrow. Mike’s left to hiss at Vikki and Nick – did you have any idea? Is she telling the truth? He can’t relay what Nikki told Rey (who then comes out needing to interview Vikki)