Friday, February 15th, 2019

Abby’s now at GCM with Kyle and Arturo – the cops are searching for clues around the pool. They found Lola’s smashed phone; it looks like someone attacked her. She then introduces Detective North; who takes Kyle away for questioning. Abby’s left to hug Arturo.

Britney asks Sharon why Detective Rosales was at her house. We were having a personal, emotional conversation. No, Sharon didn’t give him permission to look at her phone bill. No, he didn’t make her aware of her rights. Was he using your emotional state to get you to open up? In hindsight, Sharon now thinks so. Hearing that no one else was privy to the conversation, Britney has a plan.

Chris is now at the station to scold Rey for turning her case against Victor inside out – why does he believe Sharon? I need solid proof. When Rey returns to question Sharon, Britney won’t allow it – and everything her client said earlier was said under duress. Sharon doesn’t believe anything Rey says and will follow her lawyers’ advice. Fine, but he’s not releasing her.

Mike tells Vikki that whatever new information the police have didn’t come from her Mom (she hasn’t changed her statement) Rey then comes in to say he has good reason to believe that Vikki was involved in JT’s death and burial. I’m innocent, she claims. Your story is still that Nikki confessed to save Victor? Yup. After Rey leaves, Mike doesn’t appreciate being kept in the dark – he can’t help them with blinders on. Vikki thinks the cops are grasping at straws; hoping she’ll confirm her Mom’s story because they don’t have a strong case.

Mia calls the club in hopes that someone found her opal earring. No? OK, thanks – I must have left it somewhere else, she sits as panic sets in.

Back at the hospital, Arturo and Abby suspect Rey turned his phone off to avoid Mia’s calls. Kyle returns to report what the cops asked him. Arturo has questions too – did you call Lola to come over? No, Kyle wasn’t expecting her. What are you implying? Arturo’s not implying anything – he’s directly accusing Kyle of being involved in whatever happened to his sister. Go to hell, Kyle’s equally pissed.

What historical figure would Kerry most like to have dinner with? Easy, double Nobel prize winner and legendary scientist Madame Curie. Kerry’s turn – talk about a recent time you cried. Jack immediately gets all misty-eyed.

As Nikki’s lead back in to confer with Mike, Rey asks an officer to do something for him – then rejoins Nikki and Mike to say that he knows everything – who helped her kill and bury JT (so why continue to cling to her story that she acted alone?) Nikki defiantly claims that she had no help, from her daughter of anyone else – cling to THAT.

Kyle informs Abby and Arturo that the cops found a third set of footprints then laments how traumatizing it was to find Lola. Fine, but Arturo could still kill him for breaking his sisters’ heart. Not now, Abby scolds – let’s go find Rey. Kyle’s left to take a call from Mariah. You saw Lola tonight? When? What did she say!?

Vikki and Nikki’s eyes widen when they see Sharon and then Phyllis escorted into the station. Rey orders Nikki back to her cell – the other two can go back into holding while he questions Phyllis. All four women are obviously terrified and wondering who said what.