Friday, February 15th, 2019

Kerry’s sorry for upsetting Jack. No need, he details Christmas with his Mom; in a moment of clarity, she told him to cherish these memories. His tears aren’t of sadness; his Mother is still with them and has a lot of fight in her.

Nate updates Kyle that Lola received a blow to the head before falling into the water. She doesn’t have hypothermia (because the pool’s heated) but she should have woken up by now. Her prognosis is uncertain. Yes, Kyle can see her. He looks devastated as he watches her through the ICU’s glass door.

Resisting the urge to call Arturo, Mia searches online for an attack on Abby Newman (then is surprised when she buzzes on the intercom from downstairs)

Phyllis used her one call on Nick; to tell him to stay home – she can handle herself just fine. Rey warns that she could go down for destroying evidence and lying. The best thing you can do is cooperate and hope the Judge goes easy on you. Unintimidated, Phyllis will only talk to the person who controls her fate; Christine.

As Rey ends his call, Phyllis claims to be delighted that ‘Cricket’ is on her way. Sit tight, Rey walks out and has no time to talk to Arturo about Mia. Stunned to hear that Lola’s in the hospital, Rey grabs his coat.

What are you doing here? Mia’s shocked when Abby informs that Lola was found unconscious in the Abbott pool – she was attacked. No!! Mia falls apart.

At Lola’s bedside, Kyle encourages his sleeping beloved – the doctors are taking good care of you and your brothers are on their way. Get better – you and I have a lot to talk about, he weeps. Mariah told me you were coming to hear me out – because you weren’t ready to end things either. He wants nothing more than a second chance. I love you so much. We’ll get our happily ever after, he promises.

Noting how quickly the DA got to the station, Phyllis knows Chris doesn’t have an airtight case and must be dying for her to go on record with everything she knows about JT’s death. She’ll testify on the record and the stand to every detail of JT’s murder – if she gets a deal.