Monday, February 18th, 2019

Arturo joins his brother and Mia in Lola’s empty room. Rey doesn’t need Arturo to leave – we need to be united for Lola – she’s all that matters right now.

In the waiting room, Abby reassures Kyle that it wasn’t his fault. He understands why Lola was angry – I would be too if I saw what she saw. When Summer barges in, Kyle makes it clear that she’s not welcome. I don’t want you here! You’re nothing but a distraction. If you ‘want to help’, leave!

Thoroughly reading then signing the plea agreement, Phyllis obediently ‘starts at the beginning with a story she’s sure will line up with whatever the snitch told Chris. You mean the other person who snitched beside you, Chris quips. Nikki, Sharon, Vikki and I did what we had to do – JT was dangerous. Phyllis relays Mariah passing out – Vikki confessing that JT was abusing her then going up to lay down – only to run into JT upstairs. They heard the fight, her screaming. We ran up to find JT shaking Vikki violently – she was in imminent danger. Nikki did what any Mother would do – she hit JT with the poker. We panicked. Did the only thing that made sense at the time. Phyllis will go to her grave believing their actions were justified. She then tells Chris how they buried JT then made a pact. Chris finds that quite a story – now, where’s the evidence? The fireplace poker, the clothes JT wore that night, the tape of them dragging JT’s body to the car.

In the hallway, Summer asks why Kyle’s so mad at her. You KNOW why – you’re always inserting yourself. Yes, he does blame Summer for what happened to Lola. For all I know you followed her back to town to tell her she can’t make me happy like you can. Perhaps you had it out and gave her a little shove. Denying it, Summer’s a good person – the only one acting crazy here is YOU! she storms off. Arturo then tells Kyle that HE should leave next.

Phyllis tells Chris where to find the poker and JT’s clothes. Forensics can probably restore the footage from the Dark Horse server. Where’s the body? None of us know. But the next person Chris should talk to is Mariah. Ordering Phyllis back to her cell, Chris calls a Judge about a search warrant.

Back on the CL’s patio, Mariah continues to worry about her Mom. Let’s go see Kyle at GCM, she and Tessa decide – check on Lola. They’re about to leave when Chris calls Mariah in for questioning. Shall I send someone to get you or can I trust you to get to the station tonight? I’ll get there, Mariah hangs up and looks horrified.

Arturo lashes out at Kyle – love means devotion and respect. Rey comes in to break up what’s soon to be a fight – and agrees that Kyle should go home. I’ll call you with any updates, Abby calls out as her cousin leaves.

Mike’s leaving as Summer arrives at her Dad’s place to whine about Kyle blaming her for Lola being in the hospital. Nick has more bad news, really bad – your Mom’s been arrested.

Chris has called in for Mariah to corroborate the statements of some witnesses – what happened that night? After JT came to Vikki’s? A nervous Mariah reminds that she passed out. Did you learn anything else? Perhaps from a video?