Monday, February 18th, 2019

Summer’s confused – after grandpa being arrested for JT’s murder, now they’ve arrested grandma, Mom, Vikki and Sharon? Summer’s so sorry – this must be such a shock for her Dad ~hug~ He doesn’t want any more surprises today.

Chris noticed Mariah’s reaction at the mention of a video. She’s just trying to find out who killed JT that night. Your silence might hurt whoever you’re protecting more than you talking. Fine, Mariah hears there’s a video of the woman putting JT’s body into a car. Whatever happened that night, my Mom wasn’t a willing participant. I know my Mom and I know Vikki (and what she’s capable of) She probably pressured or threatened Sharon. Chris needs facts, not opinion.

Mia? Are you OK? Abby asks. No – I’m worried sick. Mia doesn’t want to join the others in the waiting room (making things more tense) Sure they can put their differences aside, Abby encourages Mia (who finally leaves Lola’s empty room)

Back on the patio, Mariah tells Tessa that Chris already knew about the tape. It might not get traced back to you. She has no idea if talking helped Sharon but this thing will swallow us up whole, she fears.

A devastated Kyle comes home to an empty house to gaze at his phone. Back at GCM, Rey ends a call with the detective on Lola’s case – they’re still going through what they found on the scene. He’ll make sure whoever did this to his sister pays.

Your story checks out, Chris returns to tell Phyllis that they found the poker and clothes at the ranch – and after speaking to Mariah the wheels are in motion to access the Dark Horse servers for the footage. Taking her time going over the plea deal, Chris finally tells Phyllis that she’s free to go. Your friends won’t be happy you rolled on them to save yourself. Chris looks forward to seeing her star witness in court.

Next: Nikki takes a stroll down memory lane (sounds so boring it might drive me to drink)

My Thoughts: Odd that Chris didn’t record any of her interviews – and why hasn’t she noticed her husband, the Chief of Police is nowhere to be found? Maybe someone should report him missing? Or at least mention his whereabouts… Nick’s ominous statement hoping for no new surprises today ensure he’s about to be served with a warrant to access the Dark Horse Servers. Any connection will be a PR nightmare for the fledgling company – never mind when/if it comes out that Nick’s an accessory after the fact who committed obstruction of justice … Weird that Phyllis’ one call to Nick didn’t even mention anything about Jabot. Does anyone know that the CEO has been arrested on suspicion of murder?? It’s been a few weeks since the board members have played Jabot CEO-roulette …. GC Buzz continues to miss the boat and leave the door open for a rival gossip show to actually cover the epic scandal that encompasses a good percent of GC’s elite… Summer is disgusting. Like Kyle, I can barely look at her. Listening to her is bad enough but her constant scowling and greasy-looking hair are extremely unflattering….Who’s been taking care of Faith while her Mom’s in holding? When she’s released will she just fluff her hair and take a seat at her desk for a day of victim laison-ing? … Why would Phyllis be stupid enough to sign a deal with Chris without so much as having a lawyer (even a public defender) look it over? Mike’s going to be richer than the Newmans by the time he’s done representing them all … Why hasn’t Dr Nate been down to the station to check on Nikki’s health?