Friday, February 22n.d, 2019

When Kerry drops by the house, Jack’s pleasantly surprised that she’s not annoyed with him for getting caught up with work. Quite the opposite – she’s taking care of everything.

In Mia’s room, Arturo rejects Abby’s request (then leaves her to text Kyle to say he can’t visit) She then takes a seat to reassure a sleeping Lola that her restaurant is waiting for her. You are a genius, an inspiration. When Arturo rejoins Abby, she convinces him to come downstairs for a bite to eat.

Mia comes home to talk about being strong for Lola – she’s so brave. It shouldn’t be like this, Rey listens to Mia go on and on. There is news – about Lola’s case, he says.

Phyllis comes home to get the cold shoulder from Nick (who wonders what she expects from him right now)

Nick blames Phyllis for Vikki being traumatized by Vikki yet again. She basically ratted on his sister, Mom and his kid’s Mom. Phyllis defends herself – she told the truth; Nikki acted in self-defence. I wasn’t given a chance to warn everyone. I didn’t know they were going to be held without bail – that wasn’t part of the plan. Yeah YOUR plan, Nick knows Phyllis only thinks of herself.

Impersonating a doctor, Kyle stands in the doorway of Lola’s room.

They found women’s footprints in the snow – size 7, Rey knows it’s not a lot to go on. But there was something else – a diamond, opal earring that’s very familiar to him. Rey remembers her reaction when he bought them for her. You promised to cherish them forever – you broke that promise, he digs the earring out of the jewellery box. I’m so sorry, Mia sniffles.