Monday, February 25th, 2019

Jack and Kerry kiss. Oh how enticing she is. And as she goes to the wine cellar (so Jack can conserve his strength) Kyle comes home to rant about only getting three minutes with Lola before Arturo kicked him out. Kerry listens as Kyle expresses his need to be with Lola. He then notices the two wine glasses. Kerry returns to say that she needs to get back to Jabot anyway. Walking her to the door, Jack knows Kerry’s lying (and why) and appreciates it. He then reassures Kyle (who wants to know who did this to Lola)

It’s what we’ve always wanted, Mia announces her pregnancy as Rey’s about to cuff her. No, it’s what I’ve always wanted, Rey corrects. He’s not swayed by Mia’s tears (or lies) and wants her to do another pregnancy test; suspecting she’s trying to escape the repercussions of what she did to his sister.

Summer finds her Mom at Nick’s (after looking for her everywhere) What the heck is going on? How were you involved in JT’s death? Phyllis is packing a bag and then takes a call from the club (confirming her reservation) Nick’s thrown me out of his house and his life, she bluntly announces.

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Mike’s at Vikki’s to update Billy and Nick of his trial strategy – keeping Vikki and her Mom far away from the stand to have the case thrown out due to insufficient evidence. Billy thinks that a terrible idea – Vikki deserves a chance to tell her side of the story to the Judge and jury. Otherwise, she may never get out.

Vikki and Nikki both want to testify, Billy thinks they should be able to defend themselves. Mike warns that Chris will dismantle their story. They lied – to everyone. Nick has to agree – Phyllis is who we need to worry about. She’s out for herself. Destroy her. Billy’s forced to go along but if things go sideways, we rethink this strategy. Agreeing, Nick updates that the cops are going through the Dark Horse servers. Mike’s alarmed – what are they looking for?

At CL’s, Mariah stresses over what she told Chris. Tessa won’t let her beat herself up. If you need anything. Mariah will take Tessa up on that offer – but what she’s about to ask will be hard.

Mia weeps – she wouldn’t lie about being pregnant. You know how they treat pregnant women in jail. I never meant to hurt Lola. Abby called me names in front of everyone. It was a childish prank, Mia wishes she could take back. Don’t make our baby pay for my mistake. Arturo calls Rey – you need to come to the hospital. Grabbing his coat, Rey’s taking Mia with him. He’s not letting her out of his sight.