Friday, February 22n.d, 2019

Mia blames her actions on the fight with Abby. I went there to tell her I won’t be treated like that. I pushed her and ran…. I didn’t know it was Lola. She must have tripped. Please, you have to help me, Mia cries.

At Lola’s bedside, Kyle expresses his love; promising never to walk away again. I know you love me. You came to find me. You didn’t give up on us. Wake up now. I need you.

Jack moans and groans as Kerry walks on his back. He’s sorry he forgot their date. Kerry knows he’s worried about Nikki (especially since Victor hasn’t been able to get her out) Jack’s also worried about Kyle. Kerry offers a supportive hug.

Nikki was the one who broke our agreement – by confessing. She didn’t warn anyone, Phyllis also reminds that Nick was furious because she lied too. Nick points out that Phyllis didn’t confide in him – but let him find out with everyone else in court. It was business as usual for you today – my Mom and sister got denied bail. Did you honestly think I’d be OK with this??

Phyllis has been protecting Nick’s Mother – still is. Your Father was freed, she reminds Nick. Someone stole that poker and broke into the ranch. Why not fixate on that person instead of me? Why blame me for everything? In tears, Phyllis is disappointed that Nick has no faith in her. You’ve gotta go – out of this house and my life. We’re done, Nick says with finality and walks out of the room.

Kyle continues to talk to Lola; so still. It was never about sex – he just wanted to fall asleep and wake up beside her. Arturo bursts in to pull Kyle away from Lola’s bed and shove him into the hallway.

Mia pleads and whimpers to Rey – you promised you’d always love me. Rey can’t turn the other way. Pulling handcuffs out, he tells Mia that she has the right to remain silent …. You can’t do this, I’m pregnant, Mia blurts out.