Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Mariah’s doing a live report from GCM – local chef, Lola Rosales, is fighting for her life. She then introduces Lola’s dear friend Kyle to gush about her. She was a couple of weeks away from making her dream come true when she was attacked. Now, Lola needs a liver transplant. Mariah explains that only part of a liver is needed (it’s an organ that grows back within a few weeks) A blood test is the first step. Please get tested – give the gift of life. When Arturo appears, Kyle admits he’s responsible for the broadcast – and won’t apologize for it.

Bringing Summer to the courthouse, Nick asks Jack for a word with Sharon (who’s worried about Faith, and everyone else) Nick will sleep a lot better when they’re all acquited. Aside, Britney talks to Billy about the man JT turned into. Her job now is to convince 12 strangers to release Sharon. Heads turn when Chris arrives. As she sits, it’s clear the DA doesn’t have a friend in sight.

Launching into his defense, Kyle wants as many people tested as possible to help Lola. Declaring it a good idea, Mariah leaves Arturo to surprise Kyle with a ‘thank you’.

Drinking OJ, Mia thanks Rey for protecting her and the baby – but what happens when the earring’s tested? You’re not in the system – it could belong to anyone; the case will go cold, Rey’s sure. This baby means more than anything to him. And our marriage? Mia wonders if Rey will stay with her because it’s the moral thing to do – or because he can’t imagine being with anyone else.

Invited to deliver her opening statement, Chris addresses the jury – we’re here today because, on April 13th, Nikki Newman killed JT; she and her co-defendants then conspired to cover up his death. After Nikki viciously struck JT over the head, they didn’t call an ambulance or the police – we have videotape of JT being rolled up in a carpet. They buried him in a park and made a pact to keep it a secret. These women think they are above the law. Victor stands to declare that a misconstruction of the facts. The Judge bangs her gavel – order!

Though the Judge orders Victor to be silent, he continues to claims that Chris just wants to put a feather in her cap with a conviction. As the DA requests, the jury is to strike Mr Newmans’ comments. But after a few more words, Victor only leaves when Mike asks him to allow the trial to proceed without interruption. Chris sees Victor’s outburst as an example that the elite believe they’re above the law. We can’t let them get away with murder.

Arturo gives Kyle the go-ahead to see Lola. What are you waiting for?

Rey had thoughts of starting the next chapter of his life somewhere else. With someone else? Mia asks. She could never love anyone as much as Rey. He wants to believe this baby is a sign they’re to stay together – but his head reminds him that Mia never wanted kids. Are you happy to be pregnant or just happy it’s stopping me from turning you in?