Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Britney’s next to make her point to the jury that her client’s case must be separated from the charges against the Newmans. She’s confident Sharon won’t be found guilty of any charges. Mike’s turn – he calls into question the credibility of the prosecutions’ star witness (Phyllis) and the video footage that proves nothing. There’s insufficient evidence of a crime or that JT is even dead – there is no body. The Judge orders a break before hearing from the prosecutions’ first witness.

Mia was afraid of having a baby – but now is ever so happy to be having Rey’s child (which she’s sure is a girl) Rey vows that he’ll never stop loving Mia. He looks forward to going to her doctor’s appointments; hearing the heartbeat – finding out the gender. He can’t wait to tell everyone. You can’t do that, Mia stands to object.

Arturo and Kyle are now both talking to a sleeping Lola. Rest up – you’ll need all your strength, Kyle says. He then gets a text from Nate – the blood tests are in.

Need anything? Arturo asks Kyle before leaving. Holding Lola’s hand, Kyle talks about appealing for a liver donour. We’ll go global if we have to. Kyle will go to the ends of the earth to save Lola.

Of course, Mia wants people to know but it’s so early. Let’s keep it our little secret for now. OK, but when the time is right, Rey will shout it from the rooftops. Mia appreciates what her husband’s doing for her.

Back in the courtroom, Sharon frets to Britney about Mariah being dragged into this (and onto the stand) Aside, Nick asks Mike what his Mom and sister’s chances are. It’s an upward battle, Mike’s sorry to report.

My Thoughts: Why is Mike telling the jury what to think when they listen to Nikki and Vikki’s stories – I thought his plan was to keep them off the stand? … Let’s hope Jabot has a PR team doing damage control. But NE’s in even worse shape. Who’s running the company? Victor? While he’s on house arrest? Is he wearing his ankle monitor to court? Why is he allowed to do so – and why would he jeopardize his freedom by risking a contempt of court charge? Who’s even watching Faith? And why isn’t Noah in GC to support his Mom? … I thought Summer was staying in GC to take over representing NE overseas (since Victor and now Vikki obviously can’t) Has she even stepped foot in the Newman building? Never mind that Nikki’s supposedly in charge of Newmans real estate division.