Friday, March 8th, 2019

Also surprised to hear that Kyle and Summer are engaged, Billy wastes no time segueing into Phyllis’ role in putting Vikki and the others behind bars. Phyllis claims that she protected them on the stand. When Billy brings Jabot into it, Phyllis is just cleaning up his mess. Wanting Summer and Kyle to be happy, Phyllis is off to plan a wedding. At the door, Jack’s a bit more understanding. You smell good, Phylis sniffs Kerry’s new fragrance and wants to take it to market. She wants to keep it and me to herself, Jack replies. Yes, he’s a lucky man.

Rejoining Billy, Jack forces him to ‘take a whiff’ of his wrist. Nice – what is it? The first product Jabot’s launching after Phyllis is ousted as CEO.

After visiting Lola, the Rosales brothers are thanking Kyle (for having Mariah go on the air) when Summer comes along to hear the good news. Saving a life is such a sacrifice. She has some good news too (which Kyle clearly doesn’t want her to share)

Kerry drops by Phyllis’ office to ask how she is – then gives her a pep talk. The situation sucks and will only get worse if the women are found guilty. If so, Phyllis will do everything she can to overturn it. Kerry will do whatever she can to help. Good, Phyllis has something on her mind – you and Jack.

Back at the house, Billy whines about having to lie to the kids about Mom being on a business trip. You’ll get through this, Jack reassures. Billy fears the kids will hear the truth at school – then there’s Reed dealing with the fact that his Grandma and Mom are in a jail cell – for killing his Dad. Nikki is Jack’s main concern – maybe the jury taking so long is a good sign. They then discuss Kyle and Summer suddenly getting married – it makes NO sense to either of them.

It’s actually OUR news, Kyle announces – Summer and I are getting married. Needless to say, Rey and Arturo are pissed. I don’t deserve Lola, I hurt her, Kyle now sees they were right all along – Lola’s better off without me. Summer jumps in to defend Kyle (who feels Lola was right too – I belong with someone else) You two deserve each other, Arturo snarls – Kyle’s never to be anywhere near Lola again. Saying he just wants the best for her, Kyle’s lead out by the hand by Summer.

In an interrogation room, Mariah finally convinces Tessa to allow her to pay her bail. Now we need to figure out what comes next.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle wants to be the one to tell his Dad (just as he had to be the one to tell Rey and Arturo) He marvels that Summer’s something incredible and nobody even knows about it. Lola’s brothers will take care of her and Kye will take care of Summer. Jack and Billy then come in to ask about the sudden engagement. Kyle loves Summer. Yes, this is what he wants – more than anything. Happy for them, Jack and Billy offer congratulations. As they go for champagne, Summer once again declares her love for Kyle. Over her shoulder, he looks unhappy.

Where’s Mia? Rey sits Arturo down to update that during his testimony he said he loves Sharon – with Mia in the gallery. Arturo hopes this isn’t because Mia said his name in bed. No, Rey feels the marriage has been over for a long time. He just can’t pretend anymore.

Now at Nick’s, Summer shares how scared she is about the surgery – she couldn’t go through it without Kyle. She wants to get married immediately so she can wake up with her husband at her side.

The kids are gone and so is the pretense; Jack and Billy are shocked by Kyle’s announcement. Can we still count on him once Phyllis is his mother in law? Billy asks. Jack trusts Kyle completely and is sure he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Jabot above water and in the family. And Kerry? Is she still a question mark? Not anymore, Jack’s confident.