Friday, March 8th, 2019

In her office, Phyllis talks about the men’s demographic being neglected. I sniffed your man earlier (as he was showing me the door) She wants Jack of Hearts on the shelves. That was a personal formula, Kerry bristles. Yes, but you’re under contract, Phyllis reminds. Remember the whole Phyllis-Kerry era? Kerry will create a new product but Phyllis wants the one she already made with Jabot products, with Jabot equipment in Jabot’s lab. Of course Kerry’s willing to negotiate – for a friend – and for the right price.

Mariah will be back tomorrow to pay Tessa’s bail and they can go home together. Encouraging her not to worry about what might happen, Mariah gives Tessa a kiss – we’ll take it day by day. Her phone goes off – the jury’s still deliberately. Joking about taking the label off a mattress because everyone she loves is behind bars, Mariah leaves Tessa looking distraught.

Kerry’s onboard but she’s not a blind follower – she wants an offer in writing, Jack informs. And if she helps get Dad’s company back she should be rewarded. Billy agrees – give her whatever she wants (except a set on the board) Kerry’s being reasonable and Jack sees a straight shot to success.

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Back in Phyllis’ office, Kerry hands over a piece of paper with her price; initial purchase, a cut of the back end and worldwide rights. If we weren’t friends I’d think you’re soaking me, Phyllis quips as she shakes Kerry’s hand. Then she’s off to the lab to mass produce the fragrance. Jack of Hearts to the rescue! Outside the office, Kerry sends a text to an unknown number. Everything coming together. I have Jack and Phyllis right where we want them.

Rey updates Arturo. He fell in love with Sharon and doesn’t blame him or Mia for anything. Arturo knows she won’t be OK with this. She might go to prison, Arturo adds. Rey can’t do anything about that – he can be here for Lola; help her understand that Kyle’s moved on. He then voices his suspicion over the encounter with Kyle and Summer. He thinks she’s the donor.

Kyle will help Summer through this. Yes, as her husband if that’s what it takes. Consider it done. When Summer hugs him, Kyle again looks miserable.

Next: Summer’s with Victor at the club. I’m getting married. To who? To Kyle. What!? he blusters … Have you any idea how much money you’ve gone through? Devon questions Anna – is it a guy? Drugs? Gambling? What’s going on? …. Have you reached a verdict? the Judge asks. We have your honor. Will the defendants please rise (all stand)