Monday, March 11th, 2019

At Dark Horse, Jack and Nick discuss why the jury might be taking so long in deliberating the fate of Nikki, Sharon and Vikki. Both (obviously) hope they’re found innocent.

Mike’s arranged for Nikki, Sharon and Vikki to wait together for the verdict. The Newmans think Sharon should be grateful for that – then bombard her with negativity and complaints about how HER lawyer threw them under the bus.

Anna comes downstairs to find Devon working on legal documents. What’s she so happy about? Anna’s eager for her brother to hear the songs she’s been working on. Devon seems more annoyed than enthused.

Arturo joins Abby at her usual breakfast spot, the club (after she’s returned from a business trip) She’s thrilled to hear that a donor was found for Lola. Who is it? Rey thinks it’s Summer. Abby laughs – oh wait, you’re serious?

Awaiting their fate, Vikki whines that Mike didn’t prepare her adequately for Christine putting her on the stand. We didn’t prepare him either, Nikki points out. She also believes that Phyllis was sincere in her efforts to convince the jury. Vikki thinks her main goal was to influence Nick. Too bad he didn’t dump Phyllis earlier – then maybe Sharon wouldn’t have fallen for Rey’s song and dance (and we wouldn’t be sitting here now) Sharon defends herself – she trusted Rey (and reminds that THEY encouraged her to cozy up to him) Even hearing that Sharon declined immunity to stick to their pact, the Newmans continue to taunt Sharon (Rey clearly played her) All three are surprised to hear that they have a visitor.

Arturo will tell Abby why Rey suspects that Summer’s the donor after her meeting with Devon (who arrives and is happy to hear the good news that he’ll ‘have his chef in no time’) So, you didn’t tell him? Devon’s left to ask Abby.

Jack’s summoned Kerry to the house for a meeting he may have to cut short if there’s word from the courthouse. She’s understanding and supportive – and impressed with the generous contract he (with input from Billy) presents. We value your brilliance and loyalty, Jack’s ready to sign right now. He’s not one to back off when he feels something’s right. Neither is Kerry – which should tell Jack something.

You didn’t tell Arturo that your business trip was to find a replacement for Lola? Devon scolds. Abby pouts – can’t we hold off on the restaurant until she recovers? No, being head chef will take stamina. Devon loves Lola but we have to move on – did you find any up and coming chefs? No, but Abby doesn’t want to kill the restaurant idea. If Lola’s not ready, she’ll find a new chef. All business, Devon basically tells Abby that their deal won’t work out if this isn’t resolved soon.