Monday, March 11th, 2019

Nikki hugs Nick while Billy hugs Vikki. Dad pulled some strings. When both men remember that Sharon’s in the room, she quietly expresses hope that Nick can forgive her one day. No words are needed, Nick’s hug implies he already has.

Devon’s back at the penthouse to update Anna that the restaurant’s still on hold. He’s going to give Abby the benefit of the doubt – she wants to wait for Lola to recover. Anna’s happy to hear they found a donor (but knows that Devon must be reminded of being in that same room hoping for a miracle with Hilary) Again pushed to hear her songs, Devon needs to work out first. Anna’s annoyed; since HE was the one who encouraged her to pursue her music.

Sharon and Nick’s private chat continues; she wishes she hadn’t let Rey in that night. He took advantage of your good heart, Nick has nothing good to say about Rey. The case mattered to him, not you. Seated at the desk, Billy encourages Nikki and Vikki (who really wishes she’d told him everything sooner) It’s OK, Billy’s sorry he didn’t detect that there was more going on. Vikki again agonizes about what the verdict will be.

Jack understands Kerry’s loyalty to Phyllis. And she understands that this trial might bring Jabot down. Her loyalty is to the company, not the person running it (Phyllis) Jack’s pleased – why not sign? Kerry’s a scientist; she needs to analyze this from all angles. Jack then gets a text alerting him that Kyle’s getting married – tomorrow.

Returning to Dark Horse, Abby’s vague when Arturo asks about the restaurant. She doesn’t believe Summer would be Lola’s anonymous donor and is stunned to hear that she and Kyle are getting married.

After leaving a message for Kyle, Jack downplays his feelings about his sons’ sudden marriage to Summer. Both then wonder how Victor will react. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

The defendants, Billy and Nick continue to reassure one another. They hope for the best but must prepare for the worst. Take care of the children/grandchildren, all three women implore of the men. As Nick and Billy promise, the guard comes to remove everyone; leaving Vikki to snivel to her Mom; we have to go home.

Jack rattles off everything he’ll add to the contract; new title, salary, company car of Kerry’s choice, etc. etc. She sniffs his neck – Jack of Hearts is my kryptonite. I really do deserve a raise. She’s too busy kissing Jack to notice a call from ‘PC’.