Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

In the courtroom, Billy frets about the kids if Vikki’s convicted. Abby and Jack remain positive. But where’s Nick?

He’s at home confronting Summer on her engagement. It’s exciting, right? she’s about to have everything she ever wanted and hopes both her Dad and Mom will walk her down the aisle. Tomorrow!? Nick’s stunned.

It’s not a shotgun wedding, Summer insists that she and Kyle are in love (and given Nick’s history with Sharon and Phyllis, doesn’t think he has room to comment on Kyle ping-ponging between women) The situation her grandmother and Aunt face is proof that things can change quickly. When Nick asks her to postpone the wedding Summer refuses – nothing will stop her from marrying Kyle tomorrow.

Billy’s not happy when Phyllis arrives to hear the verdict (supposedly for support and to see this through to the end)

Also at court, Mariah hugs Tessa (who’s out on bail) The focus now is on Sharon’s fate (and the others) Chris arrives, followed by Mike and Britney (who note that the DA looks sure of herself) She’s nervous, Mike’s sure as they wish each other good luck. After the three defendants slowly file in, the Judge asks all to be seated and warns that outbursts will not be tolerated. Has the jury reached a verdict? Yes. The Judge asks the defendants to rise.

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The jury finds Nikki, Vikki and Sharon guilty. The Judge will reconvene in two hours for sentencing. Mike and Nick reassure the terrified women with talk of an appeal. Summer hugs her grandma – you don’t deserve this. Sharon snivels to Britney (who will fight for her and tells Mariah not to mention this on the air – it might backfire Phy) With words of support, the defendants are lead out. Abby can’t believe that Summer still plans to get married tomorrow. It’ll give everyone something to be happy about, Summer goes to get coffee. Abby’s also annoyed that Jack won’t try to talk sense into Kyle. When Billy basts Mike, Nick tells him to calm down – what we need is a plan.

Aside, Nick reminds Billy that they (and Mike) are all on the same side. Sure that JT’s alive, Nick wants to pool their resources and find him (then the verdicts will be overturned) OK, Billy’s in.

In her office, Phyllis is sad to inform Kerry that all three women were found guilty. Now, she must focus on work – Jabot needs a big win. How can I help? Kerry’s eager.

At CL’s, Abby confronts Summer – Kyle’s in love with Lola, not you. Are you the mysterious donor? That’s insane, Summer scoffs – she barely knows Lola and has always loved Kyle. He loves Lola, Abby reiterates – Lola WILL wake up with Kyle at her side, she vows.