Monday, March 11th, 2019

Removing his earbuds, Devon likes the first and third track the best and will look into who’ll sing them. Great, Anna would like a cheque today. Devon agrees – and hopes she doesn’t get into this kind of debt again. Now alone, he makes a call to arrange the cheque. Also, run a credit check on Anna (he wants to help her out)

Victor! What are you doing here? Nikki runs into his arms. Hugging her Dad, Vikki asks about the intruder at the ranch. He’s hiding like a coward but Victor will find him and make him pay.

Abby barges into Nick’s office to ask what he plans to do about Summer. She’s engaged to a man in love with someone else. What?! Who’s she engaged to? Nick’s stunned to hear that Summer and Kyle are getting married. He hasn’t heard anything so Jack and Phyllis must be in the dark too. They’re keeping it secret from anyone who can stop them (which Abby hopes Nick can do)

Devon’s called Anna down for good news and bad. The good; her credit report is squeaky clean. The bad? You’ve been lying to me. Anna’s pissed that her brother’s snooping in her private life. Have you any idea how much money you’ve gone through? Devon asks – is it a guy? Drugs? Gambling? Why can’t you trust me? Why can’t you trust ME? Anna refuses to discuss it and slams out.

Nick comes home – Summer! Get out here now! Mike then calls. I’m on my way, Nick hangs up.

Kerry wants to continue this upstairs. Jack agrees but then gets a text from Nick.

Billy’s at CL’s when he gets the call from Mike. I’m heading there now, he exits.

Arturo rejoins Abby at Dark Horse to hear that Nick had no idea Summer was marrying Kyle. She then gets a text – I have to go.

Still in with his wife and daughter, Victor reads a note. Clasping both ladies’ hands across the table, he mumbles ‘it’s time’.