Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Where am I? In the hospital – but you’re going to be OK, Kyle’s so happy to see Lola’s beautiful eyes. I’ll go tell Dr Nate that you’re awake, he hurries out overcome with emotion.

Now getting a visit from Nick, Nikki reassures her son that she’s OK. He needn’t be sorry that Victor couldn’t get her out of the country. She has no doubt that her son and husband will be there, and never stop fighting for her.

Yes, Vikki will watch over her Mom in prison. Victor declares her the strongest of his children; the most like him. He doesn’t blame Vikki for taking action against Tessa (even if the jury did) You’re a Newman, you’ll come through this stronger than ever, he asserts with a hug.

Phyllis is at the station. No, she’s not a lawyer or a reporter but it’s important that she see all three women before they’re taken away.

Nick now visits Sharon – Faith knows you were just trying to help her grandma and aunt. She wants to see you. In here? Sharon vetos that idea. Nick understands why she doesn’t trust that he’ll get her out. There’s someone here to see you, a cop announces – Phyllis Summers.

After examining Lola, Nate lets Arturo in to explain that she was injured – what do you remember? he asks. Lola was outside; it was dark, cold. It’s March now – you’ve been unconscious for a month, he gently informs.

At the club’s bar, Summer hugs her grandfather. She offers support but squirms when Victor asks her to take over at NE immediately. He’s then stunned to hear that she’s marrying Kyle. Seriously?! You’re going to marry an Abbott!?

She’s the only one who said she’d see me? Phyllis is surprised but ‘Yes, absolutely’ still wants to go ahead. Lead the way, she follows the officer.

You like Kyle – he’s charming and a hard worker, Summer reminds Victor. He’s my best friend; we get each other. I can have pretty much any guy I want and chose Kyle. Summer really hopes Victor will attend her wedding (which will happen regardless) OK, Victor will be there. Thank you Grandpa ~hug~ Does this mean I get tomorrow off? Yes, and you can come in late the day after. Uh, Summer will be on her honeymoon. Victor didn’t approve that – you’re needed at NE. He then asks a loaded question – is Kyle the kind of man who’ll sacrifice for the woman he loves?

Back at GCM, Arturo tells Lola that she needs (and will get) a partial liver transplant from an anonymous donor. Can you send Kyle back in? she asks – he was just here. Unseen, Kyle peeks through the window.

Phyllis feels terrible about the way things went down – if there’s anything she can do … Vikki doesn’t need any more help from the woman who sold them out. She’s not buying her excuses anymore (and neither is Nick) Blaming Phyllis for everything, Vikki will never make the mistake of trusting her again. And, even from prison, she’ll see to it that she gets what she deserves.