Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

A weepy Nikki clings to Victor – this could be our last chance to say goodbye. 30 years, she wails. Victor will do everything in his power to get this conviction thrown out ~hug~

In another visiting room, Mariah vows to visit Sharon – and yes, she’ll be there for Faith. But she needs her Mother *sniffle* I’m so sorry.

In yet another room, Vikki rants to Nick – Mom could go to prison for 30 years for saving my life. JT’s out there laughing, Nick’s furious.

Summer drops by Jabot to chat with her Mom about her wedding bouquet. Is this one too festive? Billy comes along to interrupt Phyllis’ suggestions – really? Wedding plans. You don’t care about anyone else but yourself, he glares at her and stomps off.

As Lola sleeps, Kyle asks Nate if Summer signed all the paperwork. Yes – and she knows what she agreeing to – are you worried she might back out? Nate asks.

Victor and Nikki are sad that they wasted so much time together. He wishes she’d let him stand trial. Nikki couldn’t live with herself and hates that her confession will put Vikki in prison too. Victor will make sure they’re both soon home with the people they love.

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Vikki still has a hard time believing JT’s alive. Who else would plant the evidence in the stable and set up a spy centre in the ranch? Nick vows to find him – and keep the kids safe.

In the office, Summer wonders why her Mom didn’t put Billy in his place. He just found out the Mother of his kids is going to prison, Phyllis points out. Now, back to wedding plans. It (and the honeymoon) aren’t Summer’s first choice. Does the timing have anything to do with Lola’s transplant? Phyllis doesn’t understand the rush.

Knowing Mariah’s under a lot of stress, Sharon won’t question her posting Tessa’s bail. Whatever she felt for Rey is over now – she can only count on her kids.

Nate reassures Kyle that Summer’s ready to proceed – as long as she remains anonymous. Kyle then gives Lola a pep talk – your customers, family, friends (and me) miss you He’s stunned when she opens her eyes. Lola!?

Summer assures her Mom that Lola’s in the past – she wouldn’t be marrying Kyle otherwise. Phyllis wishes Summer trusted her enough to be honest with her. Getting a call, Summer needs to go meet the caterer – talk to you later, she escapes quickly.