Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

At CL’s, Kyle’s sorry to hear about the verdict and that he wasn’t there for Mariah. That’s OK – she assumes he’s been spending time with Lola. Thrilled to hear about the transplant, she offers to go back to GCM with him. Taking Mariah to the patio, Kyle confides that Summer’s the anonymous donor (and that he gave her incentive) Mariah’s confused; Summer’s a Newman – she has everything she wants, except …. you. She’s then stunned to hear that Kyle’s marrying Summer tomorrow.

Billy’s back to visit Vikki (who mentions Phyllis’ visit then wants to talk about the kids) Billy doesn’t want to tell them yet – he and Nick are working on something. No, they don’t like each other but they both love Vikki. You’re the victim here – Billy thinks it OK for her to be scared. He knows she has to be strong for her Mom, but not for me (he holds Vikki as she cries)

Lola asleep, Arturo worries that she doesn’t remember the attack. Nate explains that that’s OK – don’t bring it up – we need to keep your sister calm before surgery. OK< Arturo will pass that on to any visitors. That's insane! I'm begging you, please don't do this! Mariah pleads. Why would Summer marry a man who doesn't love her? It was my idea, Kyle explains - he's not being forced into this. Summer's convinced that he'll love her in time. Mariah worries this will blow up in his face. Kyle doesn't care - his only concern is that Lola will be OK. He then answers a call from Summer - Victor's coming to the wedding and giving them time off for a honeymoon. Everything's set. All Kyle needs to do is show up and say 'I do'. Great, I'll be there, he hangs up and shares an unhappy look with Mariah. Sharon, Nikki and Vikki are solemn, alone with their thoughts in their individual cells.

Nick and Billy burst into the station looking for Detective Rosales (who’s out in the field) Find him and get him back here, Nick demands – it’s a matter of life and death.

Next: Drama surrounds Kyle and Summer’s wedding day …. Devon and Anna reach common ground.

My Thoughts: If the goal is to keep Lola calm, it’s not the attack visitors shouldn’t mention – it’s the fact that the man she loves is getting married to the most loathsome woman tomorrow …. Summer can have ‘pretty much any guy’ she wants? Really? Then why has she never been in a healthy relationship? …. Summer thinks she’s going on a honeymoon? Kyle will want her to have the transplant immediately – and there’s no way that will be kept a secret … How could Summer possibly be experienced and skilled enough to take over anything at NE at the drop of a hat? Did she even attend business school? … Why would the cop think Phyllis is a reporter? Nobody’s even bothering to report on three of GC’s elite Newman women going to prison… Why would Summer need a caterer? She’s holding her wedding at a venue with a fully stocked bar and equipped kitchen?