Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Phyllis wonders if Kyle got cold feet. Maybe something happened to him, Summer worries – say something positive. Take a deep breath and relax I go fix your makeup – you’ve got this, Phyllis says soothingly. Jack chats with Victor about the travesty of the verdict. If there’s anything I can do to help, Jack offers. One big happy family, Victor chuckles. Jack’s sure Kyle’s on his way. Really? Victor looks unconvinced. Abby and Arturo arrive. She feels this whole wedding’s bogus. Yes, but if Kyle is doing this to save Lola, Arturo doesn’t want to interfere. Sorry I’m late, Kyle arrives to say he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Kyle! Over here! Summer summons him then hides behind a pillar. So as not to see her dress, Kyle turns his back. No, he didn’t get her message. Good – delete it. Yes, Summer was afraid he’d back out. No, this wedding means everything to me, Kyle lies – and is left to gulp champagne.

As Jack stands with Kyle, Nick and Phyllis walk Summer down a short aisle. I love you, Summer kisses her groom. Phyllis is at Summer’s side as the Minister says a few words. Summer speaks from the heart as she talks about her undying love – she and Kyle were meant to be together – forever. I love you because you know me, understand me. You are my safe place, my dream come true, I will make you happier than you ever thought you could be.

Lola struggles to pull the phone onto her bed. She leaves a weak/quiet message. Kyle – where are you? I miss you like mad. Call me back. Or better, come see me. I love you, she whispers.

Kyle holds Summer’s hands as he talks about an intense love that tattoos itself onto your soul. He didn’t want to accept it at first. Finding someone as smart and beautiful and passionate doesn’t happen every day. Fate brought us together. Because everything you do and are, I will stand by your side. I know where I belong. The minister speaks as Summer and Kyle slip rings on; a symbol that they will treasure one another forever. As the now husband and wife kiss, all applaud.

Anna’s not good at lying but didn’t want to just tell Devon to back off. You broke my trust. Devon apologizes – he’s been betrayed so many times but knows she’s a good person. We’ve changed each other’s lives – neither will let this interfere in their relationship ~hug~

Jack welcomes Summer Abbott to the family. Nick and Phyllis offer the happy couple their blessing. Aside, Victor tells Abby that he’ll fight the verdict with every fiber of his being. Mariah steals the groom away – wow, you said you’d do anything for Lola – and you did. Have you spoken to her? No. Everything’s set for the transplant tomorrow. Both wish there was another way. Mariah wishes the best for him, Lola and Summer. It has to go well, Kyle’s nervous.

Phyllis is glad to see Kerry – her only friend really. Your support means everything.

Now that Kyle’s part of the family, Victor suggests a new beginning – at Newman. Kyle appreciates the offer. The door’s always open – as long as you treat my granddaughter well. At the bar, Jack gripes about Vitor trying to lure him over to the dark side. Kerry has some intel about Jabot that Jack will be very interested in. He’s all ears.

Abby’s silence is the best gifts she can offer the newlyweds. Arturo manages a few kind words. Summer then tells Kyle that she booked a suite upstairs – let’s go say our goodbyes (she’s eager to make the most of their time since she’s having surgery tomorrow) As Summer flounces off, Kyle looks like a mouse caught in a trap.

Kyle and Summer find the bed all covered in rose petals, candles lit. Summer didn’t do it – the club staff probably did. She knows Kyle’s not completely over Lola – and doesn’t want to push – but can you meet me half way?

Asked what she thought of the wedding, Mariah’s vague – it was really something. How’s Lola?. Please give her my love. Will do, Arturo and Abby leave. At the bar, Mariah lists her woes – poor Lola, Kyle – poor Sharon – and Tessa (who looks on the right side – we have each other ~kiss~

Phyllis is planning to keep Ashley’s products out of the marketplace. She’ll tell me more when things get underway. How can Jack every thank Karry? She’ll think of something. As Jack goes to fetch the coats, Kerry sends a text – the Jabot war has begun.

Phyllis thanks Nick for the truce. It was temporary, the wedding’s over, Nick then gets a call from Billy (who’s found Rey) I’m on my way, Nick then tells his Dad that he has something to take care of. Victor’s left to glare at Phyllis.

Now in a white negligee, Summer perches on the bed – tomorrow’s a big day for all of us. Nate’s a great surgeon, Kyle reassures. Summer worries – what if this is my last night alive. Kyle won’t let anything happen to her ~hug~ I don’t want to be alone right now. Kyle will be with Summer throughout ~kiss~ As the newlyweds make out, Lola’s alone in her hospital room.