Monday, March 25th, 2019

Ending a call with Nick, an updated Abby tells Arturo that his brother is a genius. Now, what does Arturo need to confess? This is hard – I’m not building up to something cute, he bluntly announces that he slept with Mia.

Rey finds Mia packing up her stuff in the apartment she thought she’d be bringing her baby home to. Rey will find her a nice apartment with a yard. He informs that he was fired – no, not because he covered for her re: Lola. Does it have to do with Sharon? is Mia’s second guess. Yes, it has everything to do with Sharon.

Sharon’s chosen pizza with Nick and Mariah for her first night home. Mariah’s off to work but will be back later (to spend the night) Nick’s invited to stick around and share the pizza.

Billy assures the kids that he’s going to bring Mommy home – that’s the plan.

When Vikki asks for time alone with JT, Nate leaves his patient to apologize and admit that he was ‘broken’ before he came back to GC. He thought being with Vikki would fix things; make him happy. You were sometimes – but you said and did some terrible things. Vikki sniffles. JT takes full responsibility – Nikki did the right thing that night. I deserved to die. Vikki didn’t want JT to die (neither did Mac and the kids) Why didn’t you get help? she wonders.

Thanked for saving Sharon’s life, Nick readily admits that the plan was Rey’s idea. He felt guilty about Mom and Vic – but it’s you he loves. How can Sharon ever thank someone for risking everything to give her life back?

Mia can’t believe Rey risked his career to save Sharon – is she worth more than your job and our marriage? Yes – and Rey makes it clear that it’s over between him and Mia – who then announces that while he was with his princess Sharon at a motel, she slept with Arturo in this very room.

When did this happen? Abby’s stunned. It was a stupid mistake – weeks ago. Weeks!? Abby’s anger intensifies. The furnace was messed up, Arturo stammers. Wait – the night my sister was holding a memorial for her ex-husband!? Abby’s now furious. You told me you loved me the next morning – because you felt guilty. You lied – and now Abby can’t believe anything Arturo has to say.

Vikki reminds JT how critical he was of her. She should have gotten him some help – blood tests, CT scans. It wasn’t your fault, JT knew something was wrong but ignored it (even when he was with Mac) He didn’t fix it then or when he came back to GC. Does Reed think I’m a monster? He’s shut everyone out, Vikki reports. JT will explain to him – Nikki was just protecting you. Vikki will let Reed decide whether he wants to hear his Father’s explanation. JT takes responsibility for everything – tell everyone I’m sorry. One more thing … As Vikki sits back down, Billy appears in the hallway to watch.

JT hopes that someday Vikki will forgive him – see him as he used to be. There’s no going back – Vikki can never ‘hate’ JT because Reed’s so much like him – but she can’t forget either. JT understands. I have to go now, Vikki bumps into Billy in the hallway. I can’t do this now, she runs away from his questions.

Let me fix this, Arturo whines and pleads (as the elevator doors close on Abby)

Rey didn’t sleep with Sharon. Because she’s so pure and special, Mia scoffs – while lying about dragging a body around town. You’re giving up me and the baby for her. Is the baby even mine? Rey asks. Don’t pretend like you care, Mia snarls as she marches out.

In the parking garage, Abby takes a hammer to Arturo’s beloved truck.

Now home and with the kids perched in Vikki’s lap, Billy watches as she promises a day of shopping and ice cream tomorrow.

Ready to go so Sharon can take a nap and spend the evening with Faith and Mariah, Nick’s asked if he’s going to see Phyllis. No – she’s always in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Nick can’t buy into her excuses anymore. He messed up with her and Sharon (who knows she can always count on him) You’ll always have a place in my heart, both say with an emotional hug.