Monday, March 25th, 2019

Arturo comes out shouting ‘stop!’ then changes his mind. OK – go – do whatever you have to do. Abby continues to destroy the truck. Don’t follow me or I’ll call security, she warns as she walks away. Rey then comes down to punch Arturo – I heard about you and Mia, he growls.

Back at the ranch, Nikki gasps at the necklace Victor gives her as a symbol of their everlasting love. Think of all the things we’ve been through – nothing will come between us ever again ~kiss~

The kids upstairs, Vikki asks Billy why he came back here – I told you not to follow me. And I don’t want to talk about JT. Just go – don’t make me ask you again. Finally taking the hint, Billy leaves without further word.

Chris tells JT that once he’s recovered, he’ll be charged with the attempted murder of Victor Newman. Paul loves you – you’re like family to him. She can see what this has done to him. JT has nothing to say – whatever happens, I deserve.

Abby turns up at the club’s bar to order a double shot of tequila to celebrate her freedom.

At CL’s, Arturo updates Mia that Abby and Rey both know. Abby dumped him but he’ll sleep well knowing Mia’s alone and miserable.

Sharon drops by Rey’s apartment wondering how she can possibly thank him. Mia and I are done for good – and there’s only one woman Rey wants to be with ~kiss~

Next: Sharon stands by Rey ….. Devon extends an olive branch.

My Thoughts: I don’t see how Chris can pursue charges against Tessa without charging the three women she’s just let walk scot-free …. Oh look – it’s Paul! Glad to see him back but it’s weird that there was no explanation for his absence. And since he hasn’t been around, what right does he have to blast Rey for the way he handled the investogation? … Abby has every reason to be furious with Arturo – but vandalizing his truck is a crime – committed on camera no doubt… Let’s hope Mia isn’t really pregnant. She wouldn’t make a great Mom and neither her husband or brother in law want to be tied to her for the next 18+ years … Now that Mariah’s gone to work, I wonder if she’ll finally report on what’s arguably the biggest scandal so far this year…. Does Sharon still have a job at the police station? And what will Rey do now that he’s unemployed? Perhaps Victor will add him to his security team … Chris thinks the public’s trust in the DA’s office and the GCPD has eroded due to this incident? I don’t think the public ever trusted either office. They put innocent people in prison and let the guilty walk free on a consistent basis … Since it appears there’s only one ICU room at GCM, I guess Lola’s been bumped. Perhaps she and Summer can share a semi-private room and bond over what they have in common; a liver and Kyle…. What happened to Mike and Britney? Do they even know their clients have been found safe and sound? And who will represent JT?