Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

We’re family – Devon assures Jet and Alana that his place is big enough for all of them. More importantly, Devon wants to get Jet the best medical care. He’ll pay for cutting edge recovery treatment. With the right care, you’ll be able to sing again. You don’t know that, Alana’s alarmed. Jet explains that he delayed surgery and sang with bad vocal cords until his label dropped him. Devon’s sorry Jet didn’t know he had a daughter until recently. He’s not offering charity – he’s being there for family. It’s best for Jet and Ana if he says ‘yes’. OK, Jet agrees *cough* Giving him a glass of water, Alana quietly tells Devon that he’s doing a good thing but if it’s going to work there must be limits.

You made a huge mistake firing Rey, Sharon declares him the best cop on the force. He lied, undermined my authority, Paul could have done more than take Rey’s gun and badge. Told to get caught up on her work, Sharon makes it clear that this conversation may be over but she’s not letting it go.

Lola’s been brought to Rey’s place because he has less on his plate than Arturo. Mia? We’re done. Lola’s sorry. Rey’s not – he’s been in denial for a long time. The last straw? Lola persists. Mia loves Arturo, Rey explains. They slept together – again, Lola realizes. They chuckle about Rey punching Arturo in the face and Abby destroying his truck. Lola knows that Kyle married Summer to save her life.

As Jack toasts Kyle and Summer, A tipsy Abby interrupts – by all means, let’s toast to love. They’ll be lucky if they make it to Thursday, she’s annoyed when Jack suggests she’s had enough to drink. Are you and Arturo having problems? Kyle asks. Not anymore – Abby dumped him and destroyed his truck. She’s not mad anymore – Arturo reminded her that all men are evil. Let’s toast to being single. Emptying her glass, Abby goes upstairs. When the newlyweds head up too, Jack’s left to mutter – well, that just happened.

At CL’s, Alana wonders why Devon’s so interested in Jet recovering and returning to music and when pressed on her qualifications, admits that she’s not a nurse, she’s a doctor. Her Uncle pays her to take care of him and she pays her student debt. She sometimes takes extra jobs- just buzzing around. Not mentioning the reminder of Hilary, Devon asks when Alana and Jet can move in. How about tomorrow? Alana suggests. Tomorrow it is, Devon agrees.

Helped into bed, Summer thanks Kyle for being such a good husband – Abby’s wrong about us. Tucking the blankets around Summer, Kyle doesn’t look happy.

Back at the station, Paul doesn’t have time for this. You’ll have even less time after I resign, Sharon marches off. Paul thinks that a big mistake – Rey’s not worth it.

No, Rey doesn’t have a job to get to. He tells Lola that he made some mistakes and crossed the line to fix them. He had to help Nikki, Vikki and especially Sharon (who sends him a text – can we meet?)