Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

When Kyle comes down to report that Summer’s sleeping, Jack believes she’s pregnant and here’s why – the quickie wedding, Summer being so tired and declining champagne. Kyle admits the truth – he still loves Lola; Summer was her liver donor. No, Summer didn’t blackmail Kyle – it was his idea. He didn’t expect moving on from Lola to be this hard though.

Seated at a booth at CL’s, Sharon tells Rey that Paul didn’t fire her – she quit. Because of me? he’s surprised. She smiles ‘yes’.

When Jack visits her room, Summer claims that the honeymoon took a lot out of her. Jack knows about the surgery – Kyle told him. Summer knows how bad this looks. Jack would like to hear her side – why did you marry Kyle? Summer loves him – and she wanted to save Lola. We reconnected and fell back in love. Kyle says he loves what you did for Lola, Jack says pointedly. Summer’s sure he loves her and isn’t worried about his feelings for Lola. With a grimace, Jack leaves Summer to rest. Downstairs, Kyle texts Lola – did you get home? Hope you’re OK. I miss you. Near tears, Lola texts – do you really? but doesn’t send it.

Ana’s delighted when Devon comes home to announce that Jet and Alana are moving in tomorrow. Thanks for not giving up on me or my Dad ~hug~

Sharon won’t work for someone who treated Rey so badly – and stop stepping on my grand gesture. Rey has a grand gesture of his own – it’s time I took you out on a proper date.

As a devastated Lola tosses her phone aside and tries to sleep, Kyle also tosses his phone. Jack comes down to confess that he had a talk with Summer – she tried to convince me you two were meant to be. She really loves you. What are you going to do? Taking part of her organ then pushing her aside would be cruel. Kyle doesn’t want to hurt Summer. ‘Then don’t’, Jack leaves Kyle to look hopeless.

Next: Cane gets a reality check … Abby stands her ground.

My Thoughts: Maybe Kyle and Summer should have had a chat about how long her donation would remain anonymous. And, with most medical matters in GC, we need to suspend reality – liver donors require 4-7 days in the hospital. Summer would most likely still have a self-administering pain-pump. Kyle picking her up the way he did can’t be good for her incision (never mind that he didn’t give her any warning) … OK. Can we have the real Paul back now? He’s done nothing but scowl and shout since reappearing. Don’t cops usually get suspended while their misconduct is reviewed? Aren’t they unionized? I guess Sharon was full of crap when she said she took the victim services job to help people. She didn’t think about any of the women she’s helped before quitting. And how does that qualify as a ‘grand gesture’? It’s not like she has no other source of income … Why did Kyle put Summer in a bed in the main house? He supposedly lives in the pool house. Why weren’t Traci or Dina invited to the lunch Mrs Martinez prepared to welcome the newlyweds back? … Maybe Abby should stop boasting about the crime she just committed (on camera no doubt) Arturo isn’t made of money – is he supposed to foot the bill or will he commit fraud by putting in an insurance claim pretending he doesn’t know who destroyed his precious truck? … Why is Mrs Martinez doing Abby’s laundry anyway? And what did she do, pick glass up off the ground and cram it in her pockets? … Wasn’t Devon badgering Abby to find another chef for the restaurant? Is he so distracted by Jet and his niece Alana that he’s forgotten all about it? Is there any doubt that a love triangle involving Devon and Nate is on the horizon? Whatever happened to Fen? And do Mike and Britney know that their clients escaped and were captured, then released? … How does Devon figure there’s plenty of room for two more at the penthouse? The only thing big is the staircase. The kitchenette is the size of a postage stamp.