Friday, March 29th, 2019

You can’t convene a board meeting – you gave up your membership when you left, Jack growls at Ashley. After Traci and Billy express their disapproval, Kerry decides it time she leave. Not without a hug, Ashley and Kerry make it clear that they’re very good friends. Dominique has a flight to catch – see you in Paris, Ashley smiles. I guess this is goodbye, Kerry pauses to eye Jack. Get the hell out – and please, let the door hit you on your way Billy snarls. Jack follows Kerry out – was everything we shared a colossal lie?

Tying up a summery wraparound dress (with rejected ones strewn about) Sharon answers the door when Rey arrives.

Paul updates Nikki at the ranch – JT’s plead guilty to all charges. Then why are you here? she wonders. To do this ~hug~

At home, Vikki’s reading a story on the GC Inquisitor ‘When your ‘Murdered’ Ex Comes Looking For Payback. When Johnny and Katie come running in, Vikki sits them down to announce that she has to go away again and hopes they’re OK with that.

Jack confronts Kerry – how much did Ashley pay you to prostitute yourself; to destroy my heart and the company? Kerry’s feelings for Jack are real – and to prove it, she invites him to pack and bag and come to Paris with her. Walk away from this place before it collapses. No way I’m going anywhere with you. Grabbing her arm, Jack also won’t let her just waltz out of here. Kerry threatens a catastrophic PR nightmare if he calls security or the police. This isn’t over, Jack vows. It is for Kerry – who suggests he focus on the bigger battle going on in there. Good luck – you’ll need it, she gets on the elevator.

Over tea, Paul gives Nikki a pep talk. Vikki? Good questions – Nikki knows her daughter must come to terms with what happened.

Did Grandpa find the man in the wall? Katie asks. Yes, but you can’t play with him. He had to go away. Everything will be fine, she promises.

Ashley fends off questions and pot shots from Traci, Billy and Lauren while they wait for Jack to arrive.