Friday, March 29th, 2019

After Jack arrives, Abby arrives with Kyle. She’s so happy to see her Mom – until Lauren fills her in on what Kerry/Dominique’s been up to. Ashley then starts an argument between Phyllis and Billy. Yes, she owns Premier Cosmetics – but she isn’t trying to take Jabot down – she’s saving it. How? By taking it over.

Things are uncomfortable, Sharon and Rey seem nervous as they make small talk.

The whole plan is spelt out. Kerry was making products at Jabot – exclusively for Premier Cosmetics. Phyllis was so focused on making the next big splash, she didn’t even notice. Billy doesn’t want to hear Ashley’s proposal, neither does Phyllis, Kyle or Jack. Lauren and Abby would like to hear it. Ashley scolds Jack for referring to her ‘outsider’ status and outs Billy, Kyle and Jack’s plan to oust Phyllis. Ashley’s offer is to buy Jabot; giving them all of her best selling products and the ones Kerry created. Decline the offer and Jabot has nothing. Traci’s astounded that Ashley would have Kerry break Jack’s heart. Ashley brings out a contract – a fair offer under the circumstances. You can all come work for me. Jack recalls pouring his heart out to Ashley before she left for Paris. He won’t grovel again. As if he hadn’t spoken, Ashley drops the contract on the floor – it expires tomorrow, she says as she leaves all gobsmacked.

Busy packing, Vikki really needs to handle this business personally. Nikki’s frustrated – you’re avoiding Billy’s and my questions. I’ll call you soon – bye.

Still at Jabot, Traci assures Abby that her Mother loves her. Across the room, Phyllis whines to Lauren about Billy, Jack and Kyle plotting against her. Lauren admits that she’s considering Ashley’s offer. Not Phyllis – she won’t give in without a fight … Kyle, Billy and Jack plot quietly. Now’s the time, they decide … Phyllis speaks to the group – as CEO, she’ll fight for Jabot. Ashley and Dominique won’t get away with this. How? We’ll prosecute Dominique for fraud – take her and Ashley to court. The boys explain how that won’t happen. Ashley will claim she was doing due diligence. Abby and Jack know Jabot doesn’t have the funds for court. Lauren has an idea – Dominique must have a non-compete clause in her contract. Phyllis dropped the ball on that – she basically wrote her own contract. Great, that makes things easier – Jack’s having a vote to remove Phyllis as CEO.

Wow, flowers, champagne – you went all out, Sharon’s impressed when she and Rey get to the club. He’s even written a card for her. Nervous? he asks as they sit. Sharon reminds Rey that he’s still married. He did everything he could to save the marriage. Sharon doesn’t want to jump into anything unless they’re both ready. Id Rey needs more time, they can call this a friendly dinner. Rey disagrees – this is the first day of our romantic relationship. Sharon’s smitten.

Phyllis rambles on about what a great job she’s doing as CEO. No one else agrees. In a bid to save Phyllis, Lauren thinks they should have the full board members vote. Great – Billy has Foster and Morgan on the line. By a show of hands, Lauren and Phyllis are the only ones to not vote ‘no confidence’. Red, it was a nice run but you’re out, Jack says. Lauren’s so sorry. Phyllis grabs her coat and leaves.

Jack has always thought of Lauren and Fenmores as family. They won’t let Ashley buy Jabot. Lauren doesn’t see a choice. Abby agrees. Traci suggests they work with Ashley. Jack thinks it time to reach far and high – as they always do in times of crisis. It’s time to dig in, not cave in. He’d like to lead the fight as CEO. I was born to do this job. I can run it in an ethical manner. Let me prove that to you.

Despite a complete lack of chemistry, Rey and Sharon ditch dessert and head upstairs to a suite.