Friday, March 29th, 2019

Phyllis runs into Kerry at the club’s bar. Are we going to throw drinks or pull hair? Kerry smirks.

Billy ends a call with the two board members – one votes for Jack, the other Ashley. Jack votes for himself. Lauren goes with Ashley. Kyle votes for Jack. Traci votes to merge with Ashley. Abby abstains – she won’t choose between her Mom and Uncle. Swing vote Billy is with Jack 100%. Abby congratulations her Uncle – he’s reinstated as CEO.

Sharon and Rey make slow, passionate love in their suite.

At Vikki’s, Billy’s surprised when Nikki tells him that she went away on a trip. It’s what she didn’t say that worries me. Vikki’s running away.

Entering a hotel suite, Jenny Lambertson calls down to cancel housekeeping for the duration of her stay. I need complete privacy, thank you.

Back at the bar, Phyllis orders expensive wine and puts it on Kerry’s tab. She’s not there for a fight. She’s impressed – props to you. Phyllis can’t help but be curious – was our friendship real? Yes. And Kerry’s sure that Phyllis will land on her feet. Women like us do best when we’re hungry.

Abby barges into her Mom’s suite – what the hell have you just done?

Jack’s overcome with emotion as he meanders around his office and takes a seat behind the desk.

My Thoughts: Rey and Sharon had so little chemistry throughout dinner that I really expected them to chuckle and agree that there was no chemistry between them. Just like Mariah and Kevin and Abby and Devon. Rey couldn’t be any more boring. And yeah – we don’t call it ‘Chateaubriand for two’. Chateaubriand is always for two …. It is weird to hear Kerry speaking in a British accent. What the hell was she thinking? Inviting him to Paris? He should have called your bluff – at least get a paid vacation for your troubles … I get why Vikki would want to get away – but it’s incredibly selfish of her to bail on her kids and job (and she keeps wondering why Victor’s never declared her his right-hand (wo)man) ….. I’m surprised Abby didn’t vote for her Mom, and I bet Ashley will be too. She seems quite callous. I hope Jack finds a way to save Jabot without caving in to her. Poor Phyllis – manless, jobless, homeless. Maybe she and Mia can share a place..