Monday, April 1st, 2019

Ashley’s sorry to hear of Dina’s decline and that Abby’s wedding to Arturo is off. Abby assures that she’s better than fine – she’s decluttering her life; getting rid of what she doesn’t enjoy – Arturo and Dark Horse, and starting fresh. Come back to Paris with me! Ashley invites her daughter to be her second in command.

Name your salary – your title. Yes, Ashley’s trying to bribe Abby; absolutely! Abby’s flattered but can’t leave GC – she’s opening her own restaurant and can’t wait to be her own boss.

Served a bowl of homemade soup, Devon wants Lola to make a full recovery. According to GC Buzz, the restaurant is opening soon. No, he hasn’t talked to Abby. Does that mean you aren’t on board with this? Lola worries.

Jack’s on the phone with the legal department – asking them to find a way to stop Kerry from registering products for Ashley’s company. No, it’s not their fault – it’s Phyllis’ (who arrives on cue to discuss her severance package/golden parachute) No, that doesn’t apply because Phyllis was fired with cause – failed oversight on an employee she hired. Jabot is on life support – Jack can’t very well reward the person who put us there. Yes, Phyllis agrees – she WILL land on her feet – and Jack better watch his back.

Kyle agrees that he should leave before Phyllis gets to CL’s. Not only did he vote against her – it came out that he, Billy and Jack were plotting to oust her as CEO. Too late – Phyllis and her attitude arrive to take a seat. What’s going on? Kyle interrupts Summer’s stalling – she saved someone’s life.

Drying the dishes, Devon knows Lola’s fine but this chef’s job will be very demanding. He cares more about her health than his investment. Finally convinced that Lola’s up to it, Devon won’t be too hard on Abby for keeping him out of the loop. Laughing about how stubborn she is, an exhausted Lola slumps and exhales as she closes the door behind Devon.

Of course Ashley will be there for the opening of Abby’s new restaurant. She also believes Jack will go along with the merger. Sure, he has Kyle and Billy in one ear, but he’ll have someone more persuasive in the other ear. No, not Aunt Traci. Who then? Abby asks. Right on time, Jack comes knocking. Hello Jackie, Ashley beams.

Dining at the club, Lauren rants to Mike – what would her Father think if he knew 49% of his company was being used to save another company? And what would John Abbott think about his children? Disappointed, Mike guesses – then hears all about products ready to launch; marketing, packaging, shelf space. Sales would go through the roof! There must be a way to break the contract between Fenmore’s and Jabot. It’s ironclad – but yes, Mike will look it over again. Don’t get your hopes up.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis lectures Summer for not telling her she was donating part of her liver. It was supposed to be anonymous. Who else knows? After Summer recites a long list, Phyllis gripes – so, everyone but me. She grudgingly praises Kyle and is so proud of Summer. Asking for a minute alone with Summer, Phyllis bluntly lays out Kyle’s motive; he married you to save the woman he loves.

Lola enters the patio, where Kyle just so happens to be sitting. The two lock eyes.

Ashley hopes Abby’s going to stay and celebrate with ‘us’. Thinking that ambitions, Abby tells her and Jack that she’s interviewing a coffee sommelier for the restaurant. She hopes they can work something out – this family needs to heal. After Abby leaves, Jack thanks Ashley for getting rid of Phyllis. Ironic that you put me in charge. Ashley hopes he’ll repay her – but selling Jabot to her. No way, Jack’s firm.

What will you have? Ashley asks Jack. Control over his Father’s company. But no products – and no employees, Ashley’s sure they won’t remain loyal once they learn Jack put petty grievances before their welfare. You’ll regret not selling to me. Our Father wouldn’t want us to destroy his hopes and dreams. They then argue over who Dad would be most disappointed with. Accept what both out parents want – let’s honour both their wishes and bring this family together. Let’s work together – Whaddaya say?