Monday, April 1st, 2019

At the club, Lauren now worries about Fen – he seemed so tired last time they spoke. Mike hasn’t talked to him much – he seems busy. He thinks you’re disappointed in him for leaving law school. He is – Mike was happy when Fen’s first single came out – but now he’s on a low-end tour. Tell Fen you support him, Lauren encourages.

Kyle’s surprised to see Lola out and about. She’s building up her strength; the restaurant’s opening first. Kyle wishes Abby’d give Lola more time to recuperate. Shouldn’t you be worrying about your wife? Lola reminds.

You’re wrong about Kyle – you just hate all Abbott’s right now. Phyllis admits Summer’s right – they’re cold and ruthless. Kyle’s not like that, Summer scoffs. Oh yeah? He grabbed the CEO job from his own Father, teamed up with Ashley to force Billy out – then worked with Jack and Billy to get rid of me. Loyalty means nothing to Kyle. Summer disagrees – Kyle’s still by my side. Is he? Summer follows her Mom’s stare – at Kyle and Lola on the patio.

How long does it take to say hello? Phyllis wonders. Kyle’s probably seeing how Lola’s doing – it would be rude not to (and that’s what Summer’s going to do too) I ran into Lola, Kyle states the obvious. Summer and Lola are glad to see each other up and around. Summer’s tired though so asks Kyle to take her home. Good to see you, he tells Lola as he follows Summer inside. After Summer gives her a goodbye hug, Phyllis scowls as Kyle looks back at Lola.

Chatting with Ana, Alana laments that she could never afford a penthouse like this. And no, she’s not expecting Jet to make a comeback and take care of her (or help from Devon) Ana’s in the kitchen when Devon comes home to see Alana using Hilary’s mug.

Phyllis is on the phone with Lauren. Her funds aren’t as fluid as she thought but yes, she can get the money. Hanging up, she looks worried.

You’d be willing to give Jabot all the products and work in the lab? Jack likes the idea. And you’d be CEO? Ashley doesn’t like that idea at all. Fine, Jack will run his company, Ash can run hers. You worried you can’t beat me? Ashley accepts his challenge. Let the battle begin, they clink champagne flutes.

Next: Vikki lets her guard down …. Summer tempts Kyle … Devon and Elana grow closer.