Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

A job at Dark Horse? Doing what? Sharon wonders. Since it’s obvious that Nick wants to speak to her alone – now, Rey volunteers to go home and thinks Sharon should hear Nick out. Thanks for being so understanding, Sharon sends him off with a kiss. Handing Rey his coat, Nick’s left to update that Dark Horse is losing people left and right – Jack’s back at Jabot, Abby and Arturo are gone (though he might rehire him) Knowing she’s not being asked to replace, Jack or Arturo, Sharon correctly guesses that she’s being asked to replace Abby. Head of PR? That’s so out of left field. Not really – Nick reminds that Sharon was a great spokesperson, you’re good with people – we made a great team at Restless Style and NE. Sharon has deja vu – you said we were a great team right before we were supposed to get married.

Seated between ‘Ashley’ and ‘Jackie’, Dina welcomes ‘John’ home – our children deserve everything we can give them. You two stick together – the sky’s the limit, Dina encourages the ‘her’ kids. Summer couldn’t agree more (though Kyle and Jack look uncertain)

We’ve failed each other more than once, Lily scoffs at Cane’s suggestion that she’s desperate. In fact, prison has prepared her for the life she wants to lead. You belong at home with us, Cane insists. Lily then informs that she’s earned an early release – but won’t walk back into her old life. It’s time for a fresh start.

Nick’s just offering Sharon a job – he’s not proposing marriage again. Dark Horse could be an exciting challenge for you. Sharon’s flattered – but she went to school to do a job with purpose – she enjoyed working as a victim liaison. Nick gets it – Dark Horse does a lot of charity work. You could have a bigger impact than one on one. Come handle PR for Dark Horse.

At home, Rey goes through a box and finds a framed photo of Mia in her wedding dress. Looking suspicious, he calls her doctor – I have questions about Mia’s pregnancy.

Lily’s doing this for ‘both of us’. You need a fresh start too, she insists. Cane disagrees – I love you. I love you too, Lily replies. Both are near tears. Where will Lily go? She’s not sure – she just wants a simpler life – a peaceful existence. Lily wants them both to be happy. Cane thinks they’d be living their happy life if not for the accident. It would have been something else, Lily opines that prison didn’t end their marriage – we did. Pulling away as Cane reaches out to touch her face, Lily stands and exits.

Unable to get any information from the doctor, Rey hangs up when Sharon arrives to say that she declined the job. She may do some work for Dark Horse on the side but is enjoying her time with Rey ~kiss~

Kyle thanks Summer for helping with Dina – you went above and beyond. Not really, I’m your wife, Summer is now Dina’s family too. Kyle also praises Summer’s good ideas last night. Yes, you’re really fitting in around here. Now that we’re getting closer – and can talk about anything…. Let’s talk about this. Fishing Kyle’s phone out of his pocket, she pulls up the photo of Lola.

As Billy and Traci are discussing Dina, Cane gets up from the bar and collides into them. Bit early in the day for this, Billy comments but denies he’s judging – he’s observing. Cane slurs – Lily wants a divorce. No, you’re NOT sorry, he blames Billy – you ruined my life, destroyed my marriage – Cane’s about to burst into tears.

Cane wants an apology. Billy won’t apologize for telling Lily the truth. When Cane threatens to beat an apology out of him, Traci scolds both men. She can tell that Cane is hurting but this is not the answer. Come on sweetie, Traci leads Cane out to drive him home.